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Every Song Blues
American Native

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American Native is a collaboration of musicians from Austin, TX and Baton Rouge, LA. We like to make noises of all types. https://americannative.bandcamp.com/ All songs recorded, mixed and mastered ...


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  • quizkid


    5 songs in the Past 3 Months Chart

    American Native

    looks like 12 songs as of today! i'm not sure what the criteria is, but i guess we need to be #1 to be considered for pressing...


    Nobody has been able to figure the selection process....not many bands have done what you've done by placing 12 songs on the 3 mos. chart. There have bands that I (and others) thought were no brainer for wax & it never happened.  My take is that the  person bankrolling this operation (the great oz) can pick anyone they desire.  I've done a bit of research on the site - I have not dug deeply into your "stats" that are available to me.  I wish you the best!!!  9-6-18


    American Native

    thanks for the info! fingers crossed.

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