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  • Strange Relations by andrewfoshee

    uploaded an album

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  • Thanks so much, I'm really happy it resonated with you!

  • Going Home (Goodbye) by andrewfoshee

    Not sure!

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  • Going Home (Goodbye) by andrewfoshee

    Thanks Marcus! This song represents the journey home from captivity and is meant to be a break from the first person narrative. I wanted it to be more experiential and open to interpretation. I might use it as a hidden track at the end. Take care, my man, don't be a stranger!

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  • Going Home (Goodbye) by andrewfoshee

    Hey Marcus, thanks for checking it out! This is definitely a concept album. And oddly enough, this is the last song of the record, as well as the only instrumental, so I'm not sure why they decided to feature it first. Nonetheless, grateful all the same. If you start at 'Don't Be Afraid To Love' and work your way down, everything will make more sense.

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  • Thanks, man.

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  • goldrangerpower

    This record is fantastic. I feel like there is so much effort by indie artists these days to try to fight smooth song structure, almost like they're recording "unfollowable mess". These songs are all really enjoyable and magnetic. Great job, Andrew!

    Andrew Foshee

    Andrew Foshee

    Thanks so much, I'm really happy it resonated with you!

  • deepblue

    digging your tunes.

    Andrew Foshee

    Andrew Foshee

    Thanks, man.