Going Home (Goodbye)

Going Home (Goodbye)
Andrew Foshee

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Andrew Foshee is a songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri. His knack for home recording has lead to several song placements in tv shows, commercials and new media endeavors for companies like OnStar, B...


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  • dayspeacemusic


    This piece just reminds me of unopened letters...I love it...beautifully composed but as said not like anything else...don't be afraid to love is haunting beyond belief...places me in captivity almost...incredibly thought provoking work..gets my vote

  • deepblue


    Is this written with circle of fifths?

    Andrew Foshee

    Not sure!

  • marcus


    I funk with this piano heavy. Not many people writing strictly piano anymore. Gets my vote.
    Edit: The ending definitely tells me this is a story / concept album. Stringing songs together like that.

    Andrew Foshee

    Hey Marcus, thanks for checking it out! This is definitely a concept album. And oddly enough, this is the last song of the record, as well as the only instrumental, so I'm not sure why they decided to feature it first. Nonetheless, grateful all the same. If you start at 'Don't Be Afraid To Love' and work your way down, everything will make more sense.



    This song definitely does not sound like the rest of the album. Regardless I did like it. The other songs definitely make the concept album clear. Anyway good luck my man. Am watching.


    Andrew Foshee

    Thanks Marcus! This song represents the journey home from captivity and is meant to be a break from the first person narrative. I wanted it to be more experiential and open to interpretation. I might use it as a hidden track at the end. Take care, my man, don't be a stranger!

  • lucacorso


    wow......this track forces you to have an emotion.......

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