Down the River

Down the River
Civil Holdup

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Tags: Rock, Alternative Rock, Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Band Of Horses, Incubus

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  • quizkid


    Please check out CIVIL HOLDUP's Blind Man's Dream - up-vote CIVIL HOLDUP into the next wax pressing - extremely solid album - not a weak link. Thanks for your consideration.

  • quizkid


    Civil Holdup's Blind Man's Dream deserves your attention - please give it a listen. It has been available since 8/20/2017 and should be on the FeedBand label.  Listen and support Civil Holdup if you are so inclined.  Thanks!

    Civil Holdup

    Thanks so much quizkid! We’re currently working in our practice-space recording studio to record our next album! We don’t have a release date worked out yet, but any new songs will be here on feedbands when they release!


    You are welcome - I thank you for the pleasure (and it does bring me pure pleasure) of listening to your music. I listen to albums, not tracks.  Blind Mans Dream is one solid album and I can't wait for your next one.  It seems to me BMD is a no-brainer for wax, but I'm not bank rolling FeedBands, so my opinion is somewhat irrelevant.  Though I have every album they've pressed - you're album is better than most - for my taste in music.  If everyone was like me it'd be a perfect world - but damned boring.

  • quizkid


    Please give the Civil Holdup album a good listen. They should be pressed to wax on FeedBands!

  • quizkid


    This entire album is solid - give it a good listen.

  • dayspeacemusic


    Ah yeah im enjoying this...nice raw taste to it...great the almost reggae kick in the middle..

    Civil Holdup

    Thanks my man! This is one of our favorites to play live, that middle part gets funky and is so much fun to jam to! (especially since this is coming from the bass player)

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