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Either Way
Civil Holdup

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Tags: Rock, Alternative Rock, Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Band Of Horses, Incubus

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  • deepblue


    it looks like this album is currently number 1 in the charts slated for press. looks like the new system is closing the gaps

  • quizkid


    EITHER WAY or any way you slice it CIVIL HOLDUP should be on FeedBand wax! What in the hell does it take for artists with this type of fan base to get pressed?  Especially when I listen to what's been submitted in the past year or so.

    Civil Holdup

    Thanks so much for the support quizkid! We’d love to get pressed! We are currently recording new material and it’ll certainly be featured here on feedbands, so perhaps some new tunes might get us there! Thanks again!


    Can't wait for new music. But...new music should not make the difference in getting pressed.  You have a very solid album in Blind Man's Dream.  Take care!

  • kayak420


    Another good one from Civil Holdup on FB. Time for Vinyl, please.

  • quizkid


    The album is rock solid. Please give it a listen to from beginning to end.

  • marcus


    Well mixed, fam. Also really dig that album artwork. And the breakdown at the end.

    Civil Holdup

    Thanks Marcus! Those drum fills in the breakdown really thunder when we play out in a nice room/sound system, lots of fun! We did the mastering (though not the mixing) and the album artwork ourselves, so that means a lot, thank you!



    I love seeing good artwork. It usually means the band has put some decent thought into what they want their music to appeal to. If you get my drift. Might have to try it again on a bigger system.


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