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Craig Nybo / Rustmonster

Rustmonster: Last Voyage of the Black Betty


PIRATE UP! What would Caribbean pirates sing if they were alive today? LAST VOYAGE OF THE BLACK BETTY is the definitive example of classic pirate music dragged, kicking and screaming, into the modern age. From the tribal beating-to-death of garbage cans and other invented percussion instruments to the funky rhythm guitar and accordion solos, if you are a pirate fan, you will not be disappointed. The formula isn’t complicated; mix a little Blackbeard, a little music technology and a good dose of insanity and, voila, you get RustMonster: a unique band that writes and records strictly pirate music. RustMonster’s debut album, LAST VOYAGE OF THE BLACK BETTY, is a story told in three acts. Follow the intrepid and cold-blooded Captain Stark as he subjugates crew from a squalid, West London tavern and makes way to ravage the seven seas. Find out what happens when Captain Stark is finally engaged by his old nemesis, Captain Henry Ramos, who captains his majestic ship, THE CASANDRA. RustMonster is made up of a group of long time friends who have explored many avenues of music together. From heavy metal to country, from funk to new wave, these guys have done it all. With nowhere else to go musically, they have ended up writing pirate music of all things; imagine that. RustMonster is comprised of the following members: Craig Nybo – Lead/backup vocals, bass guitar Larry Nybo – Lead/backup vocals, drums, accordion, keys Rob Griffin – Lead/backup vocals, lead/rhythm guitar Rick Nef – Lead/backup vocals, sax Aaron Ozminski – Lead/backup vocals, trombone Mike Terrell – Lead/backup vocals, auxiliary percussion, potato whistle Nate Peck – Lead/backup vocals, penny whistle, auxiliary percussion Other musical projects include: Big Sky Country Boys: Beer Big Sky Country Boys: Eating Crow Funk Toast: 365 Ferrets New Wave Dave: Runaway Science Project Acid Holiday: This is the Devil Blood Drive: Self-titled (Not all albums are available for sale) RustMonster is signed under the Gangrene Productions recording label. Other fine Gangrene Productions products are available at


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