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Craig Nybo / Rustmonster

Zombie Sing-a-long: Whistler and the Children (Part 1)


A fun concept album about zombies. Zombie Sing-a-long: Whistler and the Children (Part 1) follows Whistler, a post zombie apocalypse trucker, as he falls into a trap set by a Lord of the Flies-like faction of children holed up in a big box store. The children aim to steal his truck and strike out on their own. It falls to Whistler to escape from their trap and prevent them from killing themselves by setting off into a world dominated by the undead. This is the second album in Craig Nybo's Zombie Sing-a-long series. It features songs, written in many genres, about the undead. It's fun approach to otherwise stark subject matter makes it appropriate for teens and adults. The music ranges from Jazz to hard rock. Part 1 of the story, Whistler and the Children, is read by Nate Peck and infused with sound effects and music to heighten the listening experience. Zombie Sing-a-long is perfect for Halloween. A followup album, Zombie Sing-a-long: Whistler and the Children (Part 2) will be released in late 2012 and will finish Craig Nybo's Zombie Sing-a-long trilogy.


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