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  • mastahtobus

    Just got your album on Vinyl today "Resist" Awesome album!!!

  • belltower

    I actually didn't like the band before the vinyl shipped. but I put it on my turn table and I almost immediately fell in love with them. Their lyrics are like a punch to the face and their music is like the
    adrenaline high you get when your fight or flight mechanism flips to
    fight and you have that hyperaware and aggressive/calm moment of
    clarity. Great band, glad to have them on vinyl.

  • ownagepants

    I alway arrive too late can't believe I missed this album

  • goldrangerpower

    I am so disappointed that I discovered this site 1 month too late. This album is mind blowing, and I am too late to the party to get one. Bummer.



    Contact the band direct....maybe they have some vinyl copies.

    Dead Indian

    Dead Indian

    email us - [email protected] we have copies!

  • quizkid


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  • volks

    Love it!:)

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  • Statik Addikt

    Really dig "If the sun is real" ... very haunting ... great vocals!

  • deepblue

    were all your albums recorded on tape? Or just LMTTS?

    Dead Indian

    Dead Indian

    LMTTS was recorded all live to tape, Far Out's bass and drums were recorded live to tape with guitars and vocals tracked over, Grey and WWL were both recorded at Haxton Road Studios using fancy computers and stuff.

  • deepblue