Disenchanted Creative Response

Disenchanted Creative Response
Electric Octopus

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Aptly defining themselves as an exciting new music cabal, the playfully psychedelic Electric Octopus (and their Electric Octopus Collective project) are proof that a free-flowing approach to music sti...


Vinyl Worthy?



  • quizkid


    Another band submittal [ from Electric Octopus] in early/mid 2017 that are (Under a Black Moon & This Is Our Culture) solid efforts.

  • sluvshison


    Ok, I thought I commented on this before, maybe it was another song of theirs. But anyway these guys are really jamming. And I don't have a problem with the length of the song. Of course like others have said it will probably have to be a double album and I would be ok with that. But they are good.

  • dayspeacemusic


    This has Paul Kossoff written all over it...thats a great thing but it's almost like I've just stuck a Koss album on...like it's almost way too similar..its a magic collection of music and one that would grace vinyl beautifully..

  • phiszle


    Electric Octopus is Toundra meets Ozric Tentacles meets the guitar of Jimi Hendrix. This album could be the great album that was the first double lp put out by feedbands.  just saying....  I would pony up twice the cash that I spend on a single lp to have this as a double lp - absolutely!  killer tunes that don't end every 3 minutes as though music was written for children with short attention spans.  The music presented here by EO would melt my turntable, and it's about due for a good melting.

  • azgroove


    like the song but,man,19 minutes is waaaay too long for a song.


    Yeah, all of their songs are long, but good listening though. For a vinyl, only two tracks would be a shame, so 2xLP? Not sure FB would go for that, but who knows.

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