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Eric Benoit



My last two years of college were a tumultuous time. While questioning my sexuality and dealing with crippling social anxiety, I was plunged into darkness when one of my peers committed suicide in Spring 2015. This event, combined with an obsessive work ethic and continuing social fears, eventually caused me to break down by early 2016. I resorted to self-harm. Paradoxical as it sounds, it was the only way I could feel like I had control over something in my life. I always thought that somehow, in some way, I could become perfect. That obsession led to a general dissatisfaction with life. I forgot what it was like to experience the world on its own merits, and I retreated instead into a mental prison of my own making. Not everything went wrong during that time. I became extremely close with my friends. I had sublime experiences with music, art, and poetry that will never leave me. I found solace in creative expression. But don't assume that because I made it through, I've suddenly figured things out. It was a scary time. It's still scary. This album tells my story. PART A (Tracks 1-4): Spring 2016 PART B (Tracks 5-8): Spring-Fall 2015


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