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Bands typically break up after college. People move away, grow apart, or just shrivel up and get jobs. It was good while it lasted, right? But what happens when the music is so good, the band’s l...


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    This is my favorite featured FPF song so far. There's a nice beach vibe to it that levels out some of the heaviness of their subject matter. They're so skilled in production, it would be cool for them to make more Beach Boys-esque sounds. Beach Boys set the standard back in the day. Did you know their song "Good Vibrations" cost between $50,000-$75,000 ($370,000-$550,000 today) to produce? Imagine what Faded Paper Figures could pull off with that kind of budget!

  • megmer09


    Great song! I'm assuming if pressed though, Chronos would be the press? I definitely like the sound of that album more than this one even though it's still a wonderful track


    Chronos is doing well, but it is only an EP and fills up about one side of an LP. So we're dosing some of their other stuff. Relics and The Matter are already on vinyl, so those options are out.


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