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  • 9. Find The Light Within by lightsound

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  • Excellent question. Whenever we hold a preorder for a vinyl that is not part of the monthly subscription, we will send out an email and let everyone know.

    We did also hold preorders for some other artists that are upcoming subscription releases, but these pre orders were basically ways for their existing fans to pick up their record, even though they are not feedbands members.

    Feedbands members will always be posted on, and given access to, all the vinyl we are releasing. 

    Moving forward, we are going to try to continue finding talented artists with large existing fanbases to do non-subscription vinyl preorders with. We see this as a win win because:

    1.) It helps promote Feedbands, and drive new signups, which in turn allows us to greater compensate our artist of the month both in terms of their exposure and their earnings.

     2.) It does not compete at all with, or effect the outcome of, anything happening on the rest of the Feedbands service.

     3.) It stays true to our mission on helping independent artists spread their music, and helping vinyl lovers get great first pressings.

    People may ask why are we setting up these preorders for these artists when other artists have more votes for them on Feedbands. It's a valid question. The reason we can do this with an artist like Tank and not with other artists who may have more votes is because Tank has a built in fanbase that can satisfy the minumum order quantity of the vinyl press, whereas other artists which may get lots of votes but does not have an existing significant fanbase would not be able to release outside the monthly release platform simply because we just wouldn't be able to meet the minimum order quantity. So it literally would not be possible to release an artists this way unless we were willing to lose a significant amount of money on it, and our business is razor thin as it is, so that's really not an option.

  • it was wier bauen fur sie by apperaat

  • Hey everyone, quick heads up, if you ever see a song disappear off the Daily Dose, it's because it got more downvotes than upvotes. In the case of yesterday's song, it got... ahem... a lot more downvotes than upvotes. So thats why we took it out of the Daily Dose stream. Of course, we can leave it in if ya'll want us to keep it there.

  • ces1um

    1. The record shop bundles were a one time deal that we are planning on doing each year for record store day. A number of record shops have setup monthly plans with us, but none of the record shops will be getting the Fort Vine record.

    2. We are working to ramp full production to hand pressed as fast as possible. It just takes so dang long to adjust quantities up. Because someone is literally standing at the machine doing each record by hand, they have every minute on these machines blocked out for the next several months. We gain additional capacity to ramp up sooner only when other projects are completed faster than expected or orders are canceled for some reason.

    3 It's not a matter of waiting for hand pressed, since there will never be more. But there will be an alternate option, either black or color, for the artist of the month. It's not easy for the record press to meet the quantity demands for the hand pressed records.  Since we made the switch to hand pressed, we had surge in membership, and are doing everything in our power to make all of our members happy.  Most importantly, no member will go without a record of the month, if that's what they want. 

    Until Hand Pressed production ramps up to meet our full demand, we will press the remaining numbers in black and/or an alternate color.  

    So again, there's really no issue meeting the demand to get a record for everyone, but it will be a few months before we have a hand pressed record for everyone. 

    We'll have an update soon as to how we'll be dealing with this, and your input here is very helpful to us, so thanks for that.

    We just got confirmation that there are 600 hand pressed records, 100 black records, with 300 alternate color records on the way. If you would rather have black, let us know. Experts tell us there is a slight sonic benefit to black vinyl because of its material strength. If you chose another record, great. If you want the hand pressed, we're going to try to get you one. And if you want Fort Vine, we will get you a Fort Vine record even if it is not hand pressed.

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  • Hey so for this record the plant did not have enough green pellets to do the whole thing in Emerald. We wanted to press the whole run in Emerald since they are from Ireland. So we pressed 1000 in Emerald and 1250 in Feedbands Classic Swirl which was an orange and black combination that was our logo at the time.

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  • hey you can get it now. we had to mark it sold out so we could make sure to get copies to all our members. We had a few left over, so it's still marked sold out publicly, but we're keeping the last few for people who want to change their record to RESIST

  • It is possible that we may one day be faced with a situation where we have more subscribers wanting and a record than there are hand pressed copies available. Basically, over the next four months, we might not have a hand pressed record for everyone. There will be enough records for everyone, however, and those records will be pressed in a similar, but not hand pressed color variation.

    With Fort Vine, we believe we have enough hand pressed records to send everyone one who is not on a free trial. But for the month after that, it may be difficult since the quantities the record press can send us are lower than our membership base and it's taking longer than expected to ramp up quantities of hand pressed.

    We're not sure yet how we may deal with this situation. One option is to ask for volunteers and offer two records from the archive instead of that month's record. Another option is to do a lottery at random. Another is to ration them to a mix of oldest members, newest members, and most active community members. 


  • I GOTCHA BABE by n.w.izzard

    He's doing well enough to press for sure. However there is one hangup: it was not professionally recorded/engineered/mixed/mastered. This album comes from a home studio. There is nothing wrong with that, however translation to vinyl may be less than optimal. We will refer to the members forum for further discussion on this pressing.

     Timing wise, even if it were submitted today to the record press, we wouldn't have it until August!

  • The Persuaded by fadedpaperfigures

    Chronos is doing well, but it is only an EP and fills up about one side of an LP. So we're dosing some of their other stuff. Relics and The Matter are already on vinyl, so those options are out.

  • Yep, that's what we're thinking of doing. They have another EP "remnants" but we can't release the cover songs on it because they don't own the rights to those songs. There are a few originals on that that we can release though, and their first two albums have never been on vinyl, but they're both longer than a full LP

  • Hey everyone, quick update, we are preparing to offer vinyl pressings to both Sunsquabi and Faded Paper Figures. They are both all over this year's charts and both hold the top positions aside from artists that are already in Que to get pressed like fort vine, dead indian, etc. Radical Loneliness would need another song or two to do well, Via Ferrata's track is very popular but the album seems weak overall to the point that we can't even find another track off their album to feature, Brad Sucks has moderately popular tracks but tends to hang out towards the bottom of the charts, and Magnolian seems a strong contender that is going to see more doses.

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    You gotta daily dose the Irascible Fuck Brigade. Some great tracks there!

  • quizkid

    6/23/17 Tank/Bangas post - You might pull in their fan base - then again you might alienate me (or others). A bird in the hand is worth more than 2 birds in a bush.

  • firaga

    Hey, I was just wondering where to find the standing of albums being considered for vinyl? I know there's the chart but I didn't know if that was the next vinyl contenders or not. Thanks! Love you guys/gals!!!