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  • Good question. We could add something to their profile, would that be helpful?

  • The problem with ranking plays is that it would be pretty easy to rack up plays by keeping songs and artists on repeat. When we first got started, even free accounts could vote on songs and that resulted in some artists creating lots of fake accounts to upvote their own songs. So, we changed it and allowed voting only from paid accounts. We'd most likely see something similar if we factored plays into the mix. It's true that you could down-vote any artist to influence the charts, and the next vinyl release, any way that you want. But, if everyone holds the same power, then we should end up in the right place. We're not sure if there is a perfect system, and we're sure that the existing system can be improved, but at least it is very clear what album will get pressed next and how many votes they lead by and what any individual has to do to influence the decision in the way that they want. It's simple and it works for now: users simply vote on the next album to be released on vinyl. Everyone gets one vote per song, yay or nay.

  • good catch!

  • That is a good question, it appears to be a bug.

  • You're absolutely correct, albums in the chart must be the album that would be released, and it should more or less fit on a vinyl (give or take a song). We're going to get in touch with Kisnou to break their tracks into albums and then see where things fall on the charts. Give us a day or two to work it out. Artists are obviously at an unfair advantage if their album's votes are tracking across 27 songs!

  • Heads up everyone, if you navigate to Everything -> New Arrivals, songs need at least four votes from members to land here. If you want the full unfiltered list of all the music being submitted to feedbands please visit the "recent music submissions" link in the footer

  • The issue with the iPhone app is that Apple is holding up our latest version. We're working to address the issue, whereas the latest Android app is live in the Google Play store now.

  • It's 100% based on votes for the tracks in the albums. We've added the vote count now so you can see the votes across all the songs in the album, and know how close they are to the next album

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  • @cul8er we have a new version of the mobile app for android and iOS that should be available in the next day or so that should fix this problem. The mobile app is definitely part of this system, but it looks like there is a bug there that we are addressing. are you on iPhone or Android?

  • We were concerned about that too. However, a recent study found that nearly 80% of Bitcoin's energy is already coming from renewables, and that number is rising. The larger entities that are powering the bulk of Bitcoin's network needed the cheapest electricity they could get, so they turned to hydroelectric. You can read more here:

  • @jamesstirling yes, it takes about 3-4 months from the moment we place an order for a vinyl to actually receiving it and being able to ship it, so the records for april, may and june are already in production.

  • @quizkid can you email support with a screenshot or picture from your phone of the bell? it looks good on our end...

    There is nothing that would preclude an artist that has been pressed from getting pressed again. In some cases, we released compilations. With Brad Sucks when we released him we pressed his most popular singles, and some of them were from across his discography, but he does have a full album near the top of the charts.

    Charts link on profile is a good idea!

  • @jamesstirling we'll add a notification for replies on pages, songs and forums to notifications. having the singles chart still accessible does definitely seem to make sense, we'll look into adding it back somewhere

  • @quizkid you mean you'd like to see a different icon? or have it in a different place? what would you like to see happen with the bell? :) voting works the same as it always has, voting on single and songs that you listen to, but now the charts are adding up the votes across all songs in that album. so, everyone is still voting song by song, it's just adding them all up.

  • Announcement: As some of you may have noticed, there is a lot of change going on with the site. This is a pretty massive update that we've been working on for the last year, and we're rolling it out in stages daily over the next week and month. Here is what you can expect:

    1. New charts system: Now the charts add up songs across an album, and rank the albums that haven't been pressed yet by who has the most votes. No more looking between three month charts and 6 month charts and yearly charts and trying to pick someone who looks like they have a lot of songs in the top ten. Now it is very clear who is at the top and when the deadline is and also when the estimated release date is.

    2. stations: We have been working on creating cohesive stations that maintain an aesthetic. Although we have been internally crafting these from all the songs in the system that have more than one vote, we will eventually be rolling out a new tagging system that lets all users collectively decide what songs get added or don't get added to stations by voting on weather a tag is relevant to a song.

    Currently the station rotation is fixed while we work out some kinks, but eventually it will remember where you are when you navigate away and come back like a good station should :)

    3. Bitcoin. As of today, we are the first music streaming service that pays its artists a streamaing royalty in Bitcoin, and we actually pay 2x to 3x what Spotify pays per stream. We have also created lots of ways for you, our members, to earn Bitcoin. Whenever you share songs, if another member listens you earn Bitcoin and if a non member listens and then signs up, you earn Bitcoin on all their qualified streams for the life of their account.

    You also get a scout link now, and any listeners or artists who sign up with your scout link you will earn Bitcoin on all their qualified streams for the life of their account.

    4. New billing platform. We've migrated onto a new billing platform that will let you easily view and update billing information, shipping information, and credit card from within the site. You'll need to migrate onto the new platform by "upgrading" from within your billing tab before the Bitcoin features turn on for your account. 

    When you upgrade to the new billing platform, you will have to pay the fee for this month. If you haven't paid yet, that is the only fee you'll pay for this month. If you have paid already for this month you'll be refunded within 24 hours so you'll only pay for March one time. We are hoping that everyone will upgrade onto the new billing platform, but if you don't you'll continue to receive records as usual, but none of your streams will be qualified. 

    5. Tree planting. Feedbands now plants one tree for every 100 qualified streams. Our goal is to turn music streaming into something that helps fight climate change, and so we are committing our company to planting trees the more usage our site receives.

    We're really excited about what all this means. The new system creates tremendous economic incentive for new artists to come into the system, for recording studios, booking agents to help sign up new artists and earn passive Bitcoin income, for us to create more of a movement centered around climate change, and to level up our service and the feedbands experience in every possible way and we could never have done it without your support.

  • Hey thanks for pointing this out! As we continue to roll out the new site, which is a massive update, there may be things here and there which have slipped through the cracks, and this is one of them :) We will most certainly make sure it gets added back in the next day or so.

    If anyone else notices anything that is missing in the new site, or that you liked in the old site and you want brought back into the new, please let us know.

    As for why we changed from Dash to Bitcoin, is because as the cryptocurrency space continues to grow and evolve, it is becoming more and more likely that Bitcoin is going to become the currency of the internet. Bitcoin has solved all the problems that Dash was trying to solve, making transactions instant and mostly free. Now with the Lightning Network, Bitcoin does the same thing, but has much more name recognition.

    We have waves of publicity and media that are going to be hitting in the next few weeks, but right now we are just doing a slow rollout to make sure everything is working and we don't forget about stuff like the daily dose downloads :)

  • That's exactly right, Sea of Lettuce was supposed to be February but got moved to March and Pacific Radio is shipping in April :)

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    good catch!

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    Hi! I have a new account here at Feedbands. I think it's a great idea to help the music industry! ... I'm having trouble getting the website to accept my Coinbase public bitcoin wallet address. Can you please help? Thanks! Joe

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    I'd be more than happy to talk to you.

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    6/23/17 Tank/Bangas post - You might pull in their fan base - then again you might alienate me (or others). A bird in the hand is worth more than 2 birds in a bush.

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    Hey, I was just wondering where to find the standing of albums being considered for vinyl? I know there's the chart but I didn't know if that was the next vinyl contenders or not. Thanks! Love you guys/gals!!!