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  • The Persuaded by fadedpaperfigures

    Chronos is doing well, but it is only an EP and fills up about one side of an LP. So we're dosing some of their other stuff. Relics and The Matter are already on vinyl, so those options are out.

  • Yep, that's what we're thinking of doing. They have another EP "remnants" but we can't release the cover songs on it because they don't own the rights to those songs. There are a few originals on that that we can release though, and their first two albums have never been on vinyl, but they're both longer than a full LP

  • Hey everyone, quick update, we are preparing to offer vinyl pressings to both Sunsquabi and Faded Paper Figures. They are both all over this year's charts and both hold the top positions aside from artists that are already in Que to get pressed like fort vine, dead indian, etc. Radical Loneliness would need another song or two to do well, Via Ferrata's track is very popular but the album seems weak overall to the point that we can't even find another track off their album to feature, Brad Sucks has moderately popular tracks but tends to hang out towards the bottom of the charts, and Magnolian seems a strong contender that is going to see more doses.

  • The Bride & the Bachelor by magnolian

    they're going to need more votes...

  • Blood and Fire by deadindian

    you've got yourself a deal.

  • Hey just to let everyone know, we've upgraded our charts a bit. Now there is a check box to include or exclude from the charts artists that have been pressed to vinyl. We are also now specifying if an artist has released a vinyl themselve, and including/excluding them from results accordingly. Case in point: raggy monster released their own vinyl before we could get to them, and so they have a different badge on the charts that says "vinyl released by artist" and will not appear in the charts unless you check the box to "include artists who have vinyl"

  • your powers of perception are uncanny


  • Hey music lovers, are there any artists in the recent music submissions that you think we should feature on the daily dose next week?

  • Hi, you have found the secret forum. Actually we have not announced it to artists yet but were planning on doing that today!

  • the best way to find it is in the footer, if you click on "recent music submissions" or just go to

  • Yeah we were very excited for this release because Hunter As A Horse has been blowing up the charts the last few months, and Little Lights is one of those artists who did really well with several tracks but we never released them because they only had an EP. So voila! Lightwave and Darkwave : )

  • Hey sure, just email [email protected] and let us know what record you'd like instead. You can repackage the record and write "return to sender" and it'll find it's way back to us :)

  • following Faded Paper Figures

  • A Million Julys by hunterasahorse

    yes, this is next month's record

  • We just added a feature to our Music Submissions List where you can filter all the music by artists who have tour dates. Our thinking is that the music submissions can be difficult to find good music in, but if an artist is on tour they're more likely to have good music : )

    For those who don't know, this is a chronological list of all the music that gets submitted to Feedbands. It averages about 3 new artists per day. Our staff and usually power users listen through all the submissions, but the more people who pop back there every once in a while and vote the better this whole thing is going to work : )

  • Hey you'd have to email support to find out what record went out. Usually with free trials we choose a record from our archive that we think you'll link based on your music preferences. You can return any record by repackaging it and writing RETURN TO SENDER on it, and we are happy to send out any other record you'd like or give a refund.

  • YES! We would love to release Raggy Monster. The issue with it is that they already went ahead and pressed their new album to vinyl before we got to them, and it is our policy to only do first pressings of albums. so, because they already pressed it to vinyl, Feedbands would not press it. Sad, perhaps, but also awesome knowing that every record we've ever pressed has been the first time that album has been on vinyl :)

    Anyway, back to Raggy. We're in the planning stages for another compilation, a Mixwax II, and we are wanting to put Ivory Gaze and Fools Gold on that compilation, along with a bunch of other highly voted tracks from artists that don't have other tracks that got many votes.

    What other tracks might you want to see on a compilation?

  • Well if you take a look at and decide which plan you want, and then email [email protected] and let them know your account info we can get the next charge to go through to be for that

  • this feature already exists! We have a new option to "package and ship records together to save on shipping". The way it works is we basically just package and ship multiple months together so you only have to pay international shipping once. If you package and ship 12 records (a years worth), together, you pay less than $2 shipping per record!terrancejordan

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