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  • YES! We would love to release Raggy Monster. The issue with it is that they already went ahead and pressed their new album to vinyl before we got to them, and it is our policy to only do first pressings of albums. so, because they already pressed it to vinyl, Feedbands would not press it. Sad, perhaps, but also awesome knowing that every record we've ever pressed has been the first time that album has been on vinyl :)

    Anyway, back to Raggy. We're in the planning stages for another compilation, a Mixwax II, and we are wanting to put Ivory Gaze and Fools Gold on that compilation, along with a bunch of other highly voted tracks from artists that don't have other tracks that got many votes.

    What other tracks might you want to see on a compilation?

  • Well if you take a look at and decide which plan you want, and then email [email protected] and let them know your account info we can get the next charge to go through to be for that

  • this feature already exists! We have a new option to "package and ship records together to save on shipping". The way it works is we basically just package and ship multiple months together so you only have to pay international shipping once. If you package and ship 12 records (a years worth), together, you pay less than $2 shipping per record!terrancejordan

  • ps if you ever want to @ a user in the comments here or in the comments of a song, you need to be following them first

  • terrancejordan thanks for the confidence but we feel pretty committed to making the voting thing work!

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  • ilande2012 that's correct, each main bullet is a subject and replies go under. there's no way to reply to replies yet, or scan all collapsed threads. Instead of reinventing the wheel or bolting on some third party software, we figured let's just start with something super basic so it can exist now

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  • Mighty Flood by seaatlast

    I mean, it's in the bag. we just finalizing. sea at last is playing it cool :)

  • that's a great question. people join up with us because they are borderline obsessed with finding new music. let's all help each other with that and share the other stuff we're into

  • hey yoshi, welcome to the forum!

  • Sea At Last is the next artist we are offering a contract to for vinyl pressing. We've already discussed it with them and they are accepting it! This decision was based on the fact that they have multiple tracks at the tops of the all time charts and this year charts.

  • Hello everyone and welcome to the members forum! This is our first stab at creating a secret room on our site, only for subscribers, to talk about upcoming vinyl releases. One thing that Feedbands members have asked for is more transparency around the selection process. So, this forum will open up the discussion for all members to participate in the selection process verbally. We're excited to see where this goes!

  • Hello and welcome to the artist forum!

  • Ain't Mama by scottdunbar

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