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Fellow Caveman is two brothers and a close friend from Quebec, Canada that are trying to create interesting music and turn improvised moments into exciting songs. Our music is rooted in spontaneousnes...


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  • scotty


    Groovy collection of tunes. Very enjoyable.  Solid Rock.  And I mean rock solid Solid Rock. This could be my next party album.  The music is not formulaic, but interesting and unexpected.  Very intelligent, it borders on classic rhythm and blues rock, but that doesn't properly describe it.  There is a pleasant taste of grunge, but it's not grunge.  Oh hell, let's just say this band has their own unique sound.  it's impossible to put it in a box - you just have to listen.  And when you do listen there is not doubt in my mind that you will enjoy it as much as I did.   It's addictive rock in that 8 tracks just aren't enough!  I guess I will have to listen to it again and again and again.

    Fellow Caveman

    Thank you for the kind words! That is one of the best descriptions of our album and sound that i've ever read. As for other songs, we have 2 more that may end up here...

  • nycdivanana


    Funky track!!! Cool vocals awesome instrumentation!!!!!

    Fellow Caveman

    Thank you so much glad you enjoyed it!

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