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George Christian

Exílios 1


This album is the first part of a trilogy that will be released by Sê-lo Netlabel and a conceptual introduction of everything that'll permeate the journey of its listening experience. In it, instrumental pieces live side-by-side with (anti)songs for the sake of the diversity of routes. EXÍLIOS 1 is a vocal and instrumental work whose main basis is George Christian’s acoustic guitar, but with diverse instrumentation and variety of local and foreign guest musicians, thematically speaking about the trans-territoriality as an existential condition. 01 Auroras do Exílio I 02 Velhonovencontradoson(ho)s 03 Labuta 04 Lançado ao Uno Suíte da Sobrevivência 05 I: Noite Stellamarina 06 II: Sombras de uma Terra Prometida 07 III: Intangível credits released April 26, 2017 George Christian: flat-top guitar, vocals, flutes (tracks 5 and 6), bass (track 04), electroacoustic composition, arrangements, conducting and accessories (track 07) GUEST MUSICIANS: Lucas de Gal: berimbau (track 01) Izaky Grimm: drums (track 03) Igor Galindo: drums (track 04) Nilton Belmonte: cello (tracks 04 and 06) Vítor Rios (Gigito): mandolin (track 04) Lucas Jagersbacher: Indian sitar (track 06) Mehata Hiroshi: noh singing, percussion and hichiriki (track 07) Produced and composed by George Christian Vilela Pereira Sound engineering and recording: Breno Souza Ramos Recording, mixing and pre-mastering: George Christian Mastering: Heitor Dantas Typesetting “Iguais” (for the cover): Pedro Bulcão (All rights reserved) Design consultation: Orlando Pinho and George Christian Photos and design: Weik Lemos Recorded between the years 2015 and 2016 in Salvador (Bahia – Brazil): at the residences of George Christian, Breno Souza Ramos, Lucas Jagersbacher e Vítor Rios; Escola de Música da UFBA (with Lucas de Gal, Igor Galindo and Nilton Belmonte); Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul): Estúdio ½ Boca (Com Izaky Grimm); Tokyo (Japan): Mehata Hiroshi’s residence.


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