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George Christian

Exílios 2


The EXÍLIOS trilogy is a vocal and instrumental work whose main basis is George Christian’s acoustic guitar, but with diverse instrumentation and variety of local and foreign guest musicians, in a nomadic, trans-territorial, metaphysically exiled music. Instrumental pieces live with (anti)songs in the name of diversity of routes. The second part is being released by the label Zpoluras Archives, by Paulo Chagas, also one of the guest musicians in this album. In EXÍLIOS 2, the composition and the free-improvisation, the usage of Eastern and Western instruments, the tonal or modal or micro(a)tonal harmonies, the processes of acousmatic experimentation or of extended techniques, all of them are still in the process. However, this album is more dense in layers than the previous installment. There’s a thematic link in EXÍLIOS 2, among volcanic or (falsely) serene pieces. The real matter here is the challenge of maturation, and the music seeks to mirror that.


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