No More Than Mere Man
Let's Legalize Prostitution
The Man Who Killed
The Man On Boothill
Under The Father's Gun
BIG (Wash With Soap)
Ascending Descendants
Slave Drivers
Hotel Services
Je Suis Charlie
The Gunslinger (Roland Go and Get Your Gun)
Bastard of Hope
Unlikely One
The Sale of Indulgence
Trouble with the Kids
Thank God For Wood
Under The Father's Gun
Wild Caught, Farm Raised
...and they did live
The Sale of Indulgence
Light Surfer
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  • Sea At Last

    See you @ Dashfest! We play too @4 on Sat

  • deepblue

    digging the new albums

    Harriers of Discord

    Harriers of Discord

    thanks! We just released a new one with a full band and better quality recordings