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Medusa's Disco

Forked Tongue Fables

Forked Tongue Fables

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The madcap dervishes of Medusa’s Disco released Forked Tongue Fables in January 2015. It follows the fall 2014 release of their live ep Live at Max J. Variety Show which helped brand the young band with the weird name and frantic fans. There’s no pussy-footing around here. Forked Tongue Fables shows the band at top speed, top down and torching the underbrush as they pass. The songs vary between trippy visions, wry observations and flip-offs to the status quo. Business or pleasure, seduction or stupidity: you hear these guys having some laughs in every song. With the energy they bring, we should all be glad they have a sense of humor. Otherwise, all the stupid stuff that bugs them on a daily basis could be the reason they lay waste to us all. With their music: they are otherwise unarmed! The opening song, “Medusa’s Disco,” presents temptations, seductions and sell-outs in a helter-skelter world where you can’t tell what’s real. It’s a common theme on the album and songs like “Faceplant Attitude,” “Filling in the Blanks,” “Life Caused Cancer” and “Freezer Burnt” make it clear that bull-shitters need not apply. They see life as weird enough without anyone needing to pose for it. Other songs like “Nova,” “Cellophane Snake” and “Disease Was Written on the Sidewalk” take a snapshot of life and paint a psychedelic inside joke. The nine-minute plus “Beautiful Creature” goes in many directions: some serious, some psychotic. With only two of eleven songs clocking in at less than four minutes, it’s obvious that Medusa’s Disco has plenty to say and are ready to play. What they’re really singing about is anybody’s guess. They take satire and humor very seriously. Source:


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