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Medusa's Disco

Fruit From A TImeless Planet

Fruit From A TImeless Planet

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The latest release from Medusa’s Disco carries a world-weary tone, yet sparking bright optimism highlighted by the exotic voice of Wynton Huddle’s sitar, fills the horizon of perception with a sweeping palette of sound, holds steady in burning drive, and expansive harmony, while staying gently grounded via sedate bassline(s) from Tyler Smith. The first seconds of the opening track ‘Ask The Bird’ immediately tugs at ones senses, chill inducing, and bringing a feeling akin to that of having mistakenly walked in on an abstract head space of intense intimacy. Pulling at focus, and holding attention. Cut Off Communication (#2) offers a few bars of risky acapella, then proceeds to raw, heavens rupturing harmony, balanced by clean well rooted contrast, and the inflections of Robin Chambers’ violin. Divine and My Dear (#3 and #6 respectively) offer undertones of rather dastardly, and sweet voiced spite, that is utterly impossible not to love. Not A Care In The World (#4) a vibe of deceptive heaviness, breaking mold of both conventional acoustic restraint, and it’s own title -the dynamic partnership between guitarist/vocalist Hunter Root and singer/sitarist Wynton Huddle standing particularly noticeable. Undoubtedly the most intriguing track however, ‘Unintended Consequences’ (#5) -a slow, choked, modern psych-alt rock, yet with an ancient genreless taste of near-forgotten melody. The six tracks flow along one to the next with no apparent effort, flawless production and a palpable attention to detail lending current and eddy as appropriate -never rushed, never stagnate. Pure, all encompassing, enigmatic, music; Equally suited for listening alone on a rainy day, or singing along with at the top of ones lungs in a pub with band and friends. A peerless, beautiful experience regardless, and a shining recommendation. Medusa’s Disco ‘Fruit From A Timeless Planet’ is currently available in hard copy directly from the band, or where music is digitally sold. Source:


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