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Medusa's Disco

Questioned By A Ghost

Questioned By A Ghost

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Questioned By A Ghost is the first full length album by Medusa's Disco. Hailing from Lancaster, PA, the group has already created their own cult following. It’s easy to see why since most of their songs split into so many genres. The poison-soaked riffs in “Not A Care In The World” are beyond incendiary, not to mention Hunter’s vocals channel a pre-needle Cobain with Morrison appreciation. And that’s a good way to look at them. A group formed from the ashes of the biggest bands of the past. The only difference being that Medusa’s Disco has only begun to plant their seeds. We have yet to hear their roots grow… To me, they fill the universal void for bands that rock. There is not a lot of originality in this batch of generational rock ‘n’ roll, but Lancaster has done good here. Nothing is off. It’s easy to listen to. The solos are just the right amount of melting face you need in your morning coffee. Even tracks like “Medicine,” with sitar-swinging Kinks flare to boot, have a Gordon Gano-meets-dad rock twang to them. It’s terrific. Source:


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