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Medusa's Disco



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The rest of the tracks to come early March. Ripe is essentially the album Medusa’s Disco has been waiting to create. Like the metaphor with fruits (Our Previous release was titled “Fruit From A Timeless Planet”), everything is right where it needs to be. One can sink their teeth into the perfectly crafted fruit. The album was recorded in Black Bandana Land, a studio in New Holland PA, and recorded by the brilliant David Patterson II. He has also recorded Medusa’s previous release mentioned above and also recorded a live session titled “The Prava Sessions”. Ripe is a more psychedelic/progressive direction for the band, and was recorded in a totally relaxed and experimental atmosphere to make sure everything sounded right. Experiments include playing a guitar through a 1950’s Doric organ amp (Which ended up catching on fire during Twisted Dentist), singing backup vocals through a zube tube into a bucket, having multiple people turn guitar pedal knobs during a take to get the effects sounding just right, using a handmade leslie that David made himself, using a trucker mic for vocals, and many more! David and Medusa created a playground of sound to record in, and you can feel that in the album, the spontaneity, the fire and zest. The recordings are alive in a way like never before for Medusa.


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