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Medusa's Disco



Ripe is essentially the album Medusa’s Disco has been waiting to create. Like the metaphor with fruits (Their Previous release was titled “Fruit From A Timeless Planet”), everything is right where it needs to be. One can sink their teeth into the perfectly crafted fruit. The album was recorded in Black Bandana Land, a studio in New Holland PA, and recorded by the brilliant David Patterson II. He has also recorded Medusa’s previous release mentioned above and also recorded a live session titled “The Prava Sessions”. Ripe is a more psychedelic/progressive direction for the band, and was recorded in a totally relaxed and experimental atmosphere to make sure everything sounded right. Experiments include playing a guitar through a 1950’s Doric organ amp (Which ended up catching on fire during Twisted Dentist), singing backup vocals through a zube tube into a bucket, having multiple people turn guitar pedal knobs during a take to get the effects sounding just right, using a handmade Leslie that David made himself, using a trucker mic for vocals, and many more! David and Medusa created a playground of sound to record in, and you can feel that in the album, the spontaneity, the fire and zest. The recordings are alive in a way like never before for Medusa.


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