An Alternative To Forgiving Myself

An Alternative To Forgiving Myself
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Pocket Vinyl music is about staring uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and situations in the face and attempting to confront the fear.
Tags: Beck, Fiona Apple, CT, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Piano, Mountain Goats, Piano Rock, Ben Folds Five, Piano Slam Rock, Ezra Furman, Painting, Indie

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    This one is intended as a bit of a palette cleanser after the epicness of the previous track "Seeing your reflection..." The piano part is actually a variation on a riff from a song that was eventually cut from this record.  The idea was that that cut song would be early on the album, and then later on the record, they'd hear this slightly different take on it's melody.  Since that didn't happen, we thought we'd cut this one as well, but then my drummer Marc came up with that simple beat, which I loved.  How it sequences now, I feel like it's the gateway to the third act of the album....a breather between action or something.

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