An Hour Ago

An Hour Ago
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Pocket Vinyl music is about staring uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and situations in the face and attempting to confront the fear.
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    One thing about this song that I didn't mention before was that the piano riff was me trying to rip off Sufjan Stevens. Purely in the rhythm style that is.  It sounds fairly simple, but is one of those rhythms that is fairly hard to do consistently and steadily for 3+ minutes.  I think we probably did more piano takes in the studio for this song than any other on Death Anxiety, and even after that I think we used some editing tricks to piece several takes together.  Such is recording these days.

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    This was written shortly after the terrible Sandy Hook shooting several years ago. I didn't really want to write it as a response to anything, but more just a reflection on grief.  I wasn't directly involved or knew anyone who did, but it happened 1.5 hours away from where I live, and for whatever reason, felt the need to write this.  Besides the piano, we didn't know what else to add, but then a lovely little string section accented everything perfectly towards the second half of the song.

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