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Pocket Vinyl music is about staring uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and situations in the face and attempting to confront the fear.
Tags: Rock, Pop Rock, Singer Songwriter, Piano, Connecticut, Ben Folds Five

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  • Pocket Vinyl


    It's 10 Cent stream day! Take a listen to our most upvoted song, eh?

  • dayspeacemusic


    I'm loving your music more and more with every listen

    Pocket Vinyl

    You were the first (I think) person to say very kind things like this here on feedbands, and I/we appreciate it very much, man! Glad the music is still blooming for you.

  • lgspencer


    I dig this so much. Thanks for sharing your experience. I grew up in a conservative baptist home, and I imagine many of my old friends think I'm destined for hell as well, even though they haven't said it to me. My mother once told me that the devil was inside of me, after she learned that I started drinking after leaving home (I was 22 at the time). I value science far more than religion now, and I think I can't hide it. Anyway, I say that to say that I feel like I can relate. I love the raw emotion in this song. Can't wait to hear the rest!

    Pocket Vinyl

    When we go on tour, I always love playing shows to people like you. I imagine our upbringings were similar in many ways, as have been our adventures in discovering what our faith (or lack of faith) looks like as an adult.  I'm really glad we were able to connect on this song with you.  That all said, it sounds like your parents/church was a bit more conservative than mine (grew up Wesleyan, fyi).  I don't envy you on that.

  • jamesstirling


    I'm a big fan of the blurbs you've been posting with your songs. This is a great track.

    Pocket Vinyl

    Thanks! I plan to keep it up!

  • Doga Col


    I love that it starts
    with a bang and I can't stop listening to it. You write great lyrics! Never lose that passion. Love, from Istanbul.

    Pocket Vinyl

    Thanks man! Appreciate the upvotes!  And yeah, I started out as a "music centered" person but over the years I've come to focus on lyrics more and more.  Glad you connected with them!

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