Foggy Mess

Foggy Mess
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Pocket Vinyl music is about staring uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and situations in the face and attempting to confront the fear.
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  • Pocket Vinyl


    Woo! Song of the day!  Thanks feedbands!

    Fellow Caveman

    Very nice song!

  • lgspencer


    I love the lyrics. Highly relatable once again. This line especially: "But something I noticed internally Like I didn't believe in God but God believe in me Was this a feeling from the divine Or something I made up in my mind?" I am conservative baptist turned liberal mennonite, with high emphasis on doing good in our community whether god exists or not. Sometimes I wonder if I am an atheist, and sometimes I wonder if I am agnostic. But, I digress.... you remind me of "MewithoutYou". You are unique in your own way, but your sound is somehow very familiar.

    Pocket Vinyl

    Elizabeth (my wife/bandmate/PV's on stage live painter) actually did a shirt design for MewithoutYou years ago, and they're definitely among our favorite bands. That's good company.  Thank you!  All your words and very encouraging and am so happy you're enjoying the music/themes.

  • Pocket Vinyl


    I don't know where you come from when it comes to theology and the Lord, but this song is more or less a summary of where we've been. Barbershop chorus provided by my father, who kills it.


    Not sure if you're speaking to me (well not really speaking, well not like the voices in my head anyway).... but my computer has poor audio qualities and my kid swiped my Bose headphones that he gave me for x-mas - It be interesting to have lyrics.


    Pocket Vinyl

    Sure thing quizkid, here they are:

    Monday I'd rejoice in the glow of Christ

    Tuesday I'd proclaim that it was all lies

    Then right back to my religious self

    I was sure of nothing and wanted help

    I first heard that doubt like an annoying bell

    I believed because I was scared of Hell

    Yeah I had no depth of commitment

    Followed Christ to avoid the punishment

    So I changed my veil, I had a spiritual schism

    Dabbled in the church of atheism

    Tried to rid myself of all that I could

    From the Sunday school lessons of my childhood

    But something I noticed internally

    Like I didn't believe in God but God believe in me

    Was this a feeling from the divine

    Or something I made up in my mind?

    I've got a grief that resists but catches me

    I've got a grief that resists but catches me

    I try to flee yet it chases happily

    I've got a grief that resists but catches me

    Don't you find it so frustrating

    That you can really make the Bible say anything?

    You can do what you want if you quote the right verse

    From making fun of someone to putting them in a Hearse

    I'm not saying that the book contains no truth

    But we need to realize that we pick and choose

    To fit God into our personal box

    Maybe the point of it all is the paradox

    It wasn't the Lord that disgusted me

    It was my fellow followers hypocracy

    And I say that knowing 100%

    I'm referring to myself as well as them

    Cause I'll quickly bark out rules and laws

    Forgetting I can't listen with my moving jaw

    And the Bible states it quite clearly

    That those who thought that way are called "Pharisees"

    Now I'm not sure of the title I hold

    I'd rather not have one if I can be so bold

    The one thing I feel I can sink my teeth

    Into is a love that forgives my enemies

    And I know I'll fail with the bar so high

    But something inside me compels me to try

    You may call me a heretic

    You can't spell that word without "eric"

    Admittedly I'm scared, skiddish like a vapor

    To put these thoughts down onto this paper

    What if I'm disowned by my family

    When I claim that "if there's a Hell, it's probably empty"?

    For some it's easy just to give it up

    But I'll probably always drink right from that cup

    It's a foggy mess still around my head

    I'm sure I'll figure it out though when I'm dead

    Pocket Vinyl

    Ah! That is one big block of text.  On second thought, perhaps you'd read them better on the lyrics page on our website.  The Foggy Mess lyrics are towards the bottom of the page right here:

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