The Humility Dilemma

The Humility Dilemma
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Pocket Vinyl music is about staring uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and situations in the face and attempting to confront the fear.
Tags: Beck, Fiona Apple, CT, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Piano, Mountain Goats, Piano Rock, Ben Folds Five, Piano Slam Rock, Ezra Furman, Painting, Indie

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    This was one of the first songs written for this record. It became a bit of a live staple for a few years before we recorded it, and in my head, I thought all the instruments would go with the keyboard part in unison (that is, on the 1 and 3 of the 4/4 beat). That's how I had the entire rhythm in my head (our live show is just me on piano/mic and a live painter, not a full band FYI), but then once we got in the studio, as usual, things changed quite a bit to what it is now.  Lyrically, it was one of the first songs I'd written that talked about sex (the theme of the record), but also has a bunch of faith and theology stuff in there for good measure.  Despite the disappointment of the lyrics, I wanted the chorus to give a bit more light, and even though it feels slightly shoehorned in rhythmically, I kept the lyrics "I remain hopeful" almost as a personal reminder to try not to get cynical about all these things.

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