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The Benefit Of Humans

The Benefit Of Humans



The dreamy, bossa-inspired 'Aeroplane' is an entirely new direction for us, so we thought we'd share it on a new direction for artists - Feedbands! Bossa nova is has been dominating our jam sessions lately, and we've been both musically and lyrically inspired to experiment with a deeper level of nuance in our writing. This track fuses the sultry bossa rhythm with an indie/prog-rock sound. With the release of this track, we feel that we're leaving the urge to 'get the dancefloor pumping' behind us and embracing a certain maturity in both production and songwriting. Something a little more soulful and uplifting. For this track. members of the band were encouraged to perform parts on their second and third instruments, leading to first PRAVDA record featuring flute. Clarinet parts were recorded remotely and sent over by our Paris bandmate Zim. The closing strings are live violin. As always, we've done all we can to avoid taking easy shortcuts in favour of something real. It's become clear to us that when it comes to our compositional and production process, PRAVDA really stands up for what the name means - "The Truth". With the release of 'Aeroplane', we've all pulled together for one more month to offer you, our audience, something special. Not for money, or for fame. For the pleasure of listening to something real and beautiful. Sincerely hope you enjoy!


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