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We are Prynum and this is "Obstacles", our first and last album. When we first came together as a complete band in early 2013 it wasn't quite clear where this journey would take us, although we instantly realized that it was all about evolving musically. Ever since we played our first few notes together, experimenting with metres, sounds and dynamics has been a natural part of our songwriting. Still, the focus has always been on writing actual songs by creating an immersing atmosphere and developing a certain mood or feeling. While the songs on our first EP "Rational Animals" were created and recorded in a rather traditional rock setup of drums, bass and guitars (with a few dozen FX pedals), most of the songs on "Obstacles" were not written in a rehearsal room. Electronic elements like synthesizers, drum machines and samples were thus an essential part of the writing and production process allowing us to extend our experiments even further. Our album "Obstacles" marks our journey’s end. As the title suggests, it has been quite a struggle to release a full length album with long songs, loads of atmospheric soundscapes for you to dive in and plenty of weird time signatures to stumble upon - not least because the whole work is 100% DIY. Eventually, we made it. Thank you very much for listening and farewell.


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