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Feedbands Releases

Brother Grand

Released: April 2014

This month's record is the first album from San Jose duo Brother Grand, whose sound defies genre, but is perhaps most aptly called "something akin to blues." Their music is driven by the combination of an upright bass and vocals (guitar, keyboard, and banjo all work hard as well, with tambourine, floor tom, and cymbal lending a hand), which are masterfully manipulated and pushed to their fullest extent with a certain unconventional grit. The result is all at once sorrowful and uplifting; it's nothing if not visceral.

Brother Grand has a jam-band element to their winding style, and they may go off on bow-hair-breaking tangents, but they remarkably never lose the beat. Moreover, they always come back to it. Each track takes you on a journey with many paths, and there are tempo changes so drastic (yet seamless) that many tracks seem composed of several songs. The album as a whole is truly a tribute to each man's musicianship.

This album is also particularly unique because it's a live recording. Now, there are plenty of sub-par live recordings out there or simply bands who don't sound best live, but let's be clear: Brother Grand is definitively not one of those bands. Their music almost needs the audio "space" afforded by live recordings. They fill a room (or several rooms, as when they played for us in the Feedbands office last November) with powerful and haunting sound-all the more impressive considering the group consists of two people. Brother Grand's music already has an old-school roughness that would make it suitable for vinyl, but the live aspect just drives the point home: some music is just too large, too dynamic, too (dare we say) grand to be contained in a digital format.

The Non-Commissioned Officers

Released: March 2014

In putting an end (hopefully) to this brutal and bizarre winter, Feedbands is giving you something crazily fun and upbeat to launch you into spring. Our band for March is none other than the Non-Commissioned Officers whose hit single "Ahead of the Wave" rose to the top of the Feedbands charts so quickly that we thought there might have been a technological glitch in our system. Luckily it was simply the track's surf-rock vibe and catchy refrain causing its sudden stardom.

The innovating writing, indie pop-rock sound, and high production value continue throughout the rest of the Non-Coms' album with some obvious Beach Boys and Billie Joel influences. The Nashville group, formed by two brothers for the purpose of scoring an independent film, is committed to created rich music that showcases its members' musical know-how. The band's style of mixing modern ambient with classic pop could land them among the many indie groups blooming out of liberal arts college campuses, but the Non-Coms' acumen and willingness to play with their genre while paying tribute to what came before is what sets them among the greats.

Listen to a few samples from their album

Listen to a few samples from their album


Released: February 2014

Oakland native Lynx is already an accomplished musician in her own right, with two albums, collaborations with artists like Matisyahu and Beats Antique, and performances all over the world including music festivals Austin City Limits and Coachella, plus a recent music video under her belt. But she hasn't released a vinyl record... until now. This talented multi-instrumentalist combines elements of many diverse genres with gorgeous results in her album Light Up Your Lantern. As a self-described creator of "folktronica," Lynx mates mandolins with electric keyboards and tambourines with synth beats for a sound that's entirely original.

In this album, you'll find Irish jigs, electronic harmonies, and flugelhorn accompaniment, nearly all in rhythmic, slow tempos and minor keys. There's a weight to Lynx's music that's partially experimental rock/trip hop, but it also calls to mind old spirituals and even some new age. In this way, Lynx has a sound that's universal and timeless, spanning decades, genres, and continents. Her lyrics are rooted in nature, with many songs focusing on the recurring themes of sea and sky, and her haunting vocals meld seamlessly with the instrumental tracks to take you on a musical journey of self-reflection. With rich, dynamic tones and crisp, clean production, Lynx has provided us with album that's perfect for vinyl, and we couldn't be happier to release her music in a new medium and share it around the world.

The Sweep

Released: January 2014

Our January 2014 release is a quartet of Cincinnati indie rockers named The Sweep. This album has a distinctly early 90s vibe: grungy electric guitar-driven and percussion-heavy a la Weezer or Collective Soul (and we don't mean "Run" kind of Collective Soul). But it also contains some great harmonies, string melodies, and male and female vocals.

A few tracks have some nouveau punk-rock riffs. Other songs are simple and mellow. Certain influences seem to draw from more recent indie rock groups like Death Cab, Early November's The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path. Still a couple others use electronic synth beats like the Flaming Lips. In short, you're probably going to have flashbacks of every band tee you have in your closet.

What really stands out about this album is the songwriting. If you listen carefully to the lyrics, you will find insightful prose pouring out of every verse. Taken as a whole, it's varied album that is just as likely to take you into the darkness as it is going to show you the light and it's guaranteed to give you a lot to think about if you spend time with it. Forewarning though: you're definitely going to have a few of these tracks stuck in your head.

This Month's Band

Listen to a few samples from their album

November 2013's Band

Listen to a few samples from their album

Kansas Bible Company

Released: November 2013

This month's band has a big band sound that comes from being, well, a big band. With 12 members-playing five horns, three guitars, two percussion sets, a bass, and a piano-they're definitely the largest group we've come across so far, and they're proving that 12 heads are better than one. While that many instruments could quickly become chaotic and overwhelming, these guys are smart with their compositions. They work very much like a jazz band, balancing solos and weaving unique bridges between swelling crescendos.

But that might be complicating things. When it comes right down to it, these guys about fun. Their music is movin' and shakin' with all the power of a Macy's parade marching band. Sure, they've got inventive syncopated rhythm, and yeah they've got expertly crafted harmonies, but this album swings together with a certain boyish wantonness. Good luck resisting the urge to bob you head and tap your feet, Feedfans-we're pretty sure it's impossible to crank up this record and not dance.


Released: October 2013

Trick-or-treat, Feedfans! Amycanbe has a fittingly haunting sound brought to us all the way from Italy (though the lyrics are in English). Their music is part trip hop, part singer-songwriter, and all-around gorgeous, albeit hard to describe. They drift from ambient and chill-out to postrock and dream pop, dabbling in everything in between, but they tie it all together with textured, ethereal vocals. Right off the bat, you'll notice the singer's unique and breathy voice over the music's deep, rich tones. This combination creates a sonic landscape that's both strikingly interesting and warmly romantic.

You'll also notice pretty much every instrument in a typical orchestra. Every member of the group can and does play multiple instruments, which, with some looping, is how they've managed to create an album than features piano-driven ballads and acoustic guitar folk tunes woven with synth beats, strings, winds, and electric guitar riffs. But fear not, it's not nearly as overwhelming as it sounds. In fact, this album is really very peaceful, very cozy. It has a certain indie vibe that will bring a sense of Garden State nostalgia to some of our subscribers. (Don't deny it; you love that soundtrack.)

Amycanbe sounds like so many great groups-they're inspired by Massive Attack and the xx. They remind us of Explosions in the Sky and Metric. We're sure that you, dear listeners, will come up with countless others. Each track has something different to offer, something new to hear, allowing the full album to provide an engaging listening experience.


Listen to a few samples from their album

Amycanbe Vinyl

The Parlez

Released: September 2013

This month, Feedbands is going international! The Parlez hails all the way from Ireland, and we're bringing their post-punk pop-rock sound right to you.

This band, consisting of two brothers, cites as their influences other great British Isle bands like Oasis, Blur, Joy Division, the Smiths, as well as contemporary American rockers MGMT. And these influences are clear. With acoustic guitar tunes, electric guitar riffs, and 90s-like chords (plus the occasional horn section bridge), their music sounds comfortingly familiar without being tired, easy to listen to without being "easy listening." And maybe it's just the accent, but the vocals have a Lennon-esque quality to them, and that, combined with classic guitar and tambourine, provides the same feel-good nostalgia as Rubber Soul.

The brothers also croon relatable lyrics of heartbreak and social awkwardness with the right amount of edge. With lines like "she's gone and left me with an exit wound" and "I'm on the outside of an in-joke," they hit on universal feelings and situations in a creative way. Their songs range from contemplative loneliness to aggressive hopefulness, pleasant apathy to downright angst. But there's a subtlety in their brand of rock-spoken word, recorded sounds, and tempo changes make for an album that's unique without beating you over the head. Innovative bridges utilize a range of orchestra instruments, and there are some downright lovely moments of elegance courtesy of piano solos. Such delightful diversity makes this Emerald Isle album one to raise your glass to. Slainte!

The Wild Ones

Released: August 2013

Grab your swim trunks because The Wild Ones is an awesome surf rock girl group that we found at the corner of doo-wop street and punk rock alley. With classic chord patterns, twangy electric guitar, and fast cymbal-heavy drums (plus the obligatory rolling solo a la "Wipe Out") this album will have you shimmying, twisting and shouting right in your living room while the authentic surf rock sounds makes it perfect for summer pool parties that go all night.

In some ways this band is reminiscent of the girl groups of the 60s: each track has got the backing "yeah yeah"s, "wah-oo"s, and/or "doo woo-oo"s you'd expect from the Angels, the Crystals, or the chicks from Little Shop of Horrors. They have the lackadaisical vocals now re-popularized by Best Coast, She and Him, and Lana Del Rey, but these ladies are much more "Bad Reputation" than "Born to Die". The're rockabilly in the female form.

Make no mistake, these girls are bad ass. Unlike the Shangri-las who fell for the leader of the pack, this group is more likely to don leather jackets and hop on motorcycles themselves. On the surface, their sound is Jan & Dean, but their attitude is Joan Jett. Beneath their winged eyeliner and bubblegum beats are garage rock songs about nasty habits, day drinking, and partying in Tijuana. They're sure to get your summer bash going, but the real question is whether they'll survive till morning.

The Wild Ones Vinyl
The Wild Ones

Listen to a few samples from their album

The Coo Coo Birds

Listen to a few samples from their album

The Coo Coo Birds Vinyl

The Coo Coo Birds

Released: July 2013

The Coo Coo Birds hail from San Francisco and are self-defined as "a species of Rock n' Roll animal, discovered in 2012 A.D., characterized by savage and loud behaviors know to incite frenzy." Make no mistake; they're the people your parents warned you about. Their album is full of garage-band drums and old-school guitar riffs - like Johnny Be Good old-school. They've got the sock-hop pop of the 50s, the psychedelics of the 60s, and the cool funk of the 70s, all in one totally contemporary package.

The Coo Coo Birds bring back elements from the musical days of yore in a modern way, but they retain the same "lock up your daughters" vibe as the Ramones, Sex Pistols, and early Beatles.

The really special thing about this album is that it was recorded on two inch tape. Feedbands specifically wanted to find you an album this month that was cut from a purely analog master, and when we heard this band did their debut album on 2" tape, our ears perked up. So this one goes out to all the analog purists.

This first album is a great summertime soundtrack with the rolling drums of old surfer flicks; fuzzy, funky guitar jams; and energetic vocals crooning English and Spanish lyrics of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. Get stoked.

The Coo Coo Birds Vinyl

The Vliets

Released: June 2013

The Vliets is an incredibly talented psychedelic synth-rock group that's something like gritty Radiohead with a Beatles-in-their-India-days influence, and we do not use those names lightly. Their album seamlessly combines 60s chord progressions, 80s space-sounds, classic jazz elements, and their own post-modern styles in a way that is nothing short of amazing. Could these guys be the next Radiohead?

The group's sound, despite being accuratsychedelic synthrock, is fluid and cohesive. The band members are so in-synch that it's difficult to isolate any particular component that stands apart. The group smartly highlights individual sounds via well timed bridges that make for particularly awesome listening -and oh how sweet it sounds on vinyl.

We could not be more excited to share this group with you, and we have no problem hinging our company's entire reputation on this one single album. It's that special.

Listen to a few samples from their album

Note: The above video was taken from an iPhone at a recent Feedbands show. The album you will receive on vinyl has been professionally recorded.

The Vliets Vinyl
Unknown Relatives

Unknown Relatives Vinyl

Listen to a few samples from their album

Unknown Relatives

Released: May 2013

Unknown Relatives formed in Austin in a haze of David Bowie and cheap beer before up and selling their furniture, buying a van, and hitting the road for two back-to-back nationwide tours.

Their second album is rife with upbeat rhythms, grungy guitar riffs, ethereal vocals, and just the right amount of distortion, making for perfect summertime-coastal-road trip-montage music.

It's the psychedelic surf rock of the Haight in the 60s meets the visceral grit of your teenage years spent lying on the bedroom floor listening to Weezer.

Unknown Relatives is Sold Out


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