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  • Sea At Last

    See you @ Dashfest! - Viva! we play @ 4pm on Saturday - hope to meet

  • rocknrollguy

    Scott Dunbar, i love the side A of your vinyl but the side B I don't like it at all it has cliche guitar songs progressions building #7 is awesome though I am a musician as well and respect you but if I don't like I'll be straight forward please don't take it the wrong way and lastly  keep making great music   

  • Further From The Truth

    loved your album i got the vinyl about a week ago, your lyrics are great. if you wouldn't mind checking my stuff out and giving me some feed back that would be awesome!

  • Drew_Douglas

    You are an important voice in trying times. If only we had more artist bringing up subsurface issues. The public needs to hear these songs and ask the hard questions.

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