Sucker for a trip

Sucker for a trip
Sea of Lettuce

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Calgary band just making some nice tunes Check out our new album 'Photos' on Spotify, Apple, and all other major streaming services Our Bandcamp ~
Tags: Rock, Keyboard, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Female Vocals, Fast, Vocals, Beck, New, Weezer, Spoon, Experimental, Mac Demarco, Indie, Lazy Day

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  • allan63


    For a band out of Calgary (Edmonton Feedbands fan here!), this is really cool shit. With so much cookie cutter stuff out there, this was original.  A great vibe to it, you are another band that I need to check out more of their music.  Love it and thanks.

    Sea of Lettuce

    Thanks a ton man, we're trying to create a unique style that people will enjoy listening too, also nice hearing from a fellow Albertan too!

  • dayspeacemusic


    Great feel to this track...has a faint Weezer kind of digging it big time

    Sea of Lettuce

    Thank you! Really appreciate the feedback and happy you like the sound!

  • nycdivanana


    Totally digging this track !!! Great vocals

    Sea of Lettuce

    Glad to hear you liked it :)

  • drgenx71


    I Dig This,So Does My Kid,Wife,And Dog...The Cat's On The Fence,But He's Kind Of Slow...

    Sea of Lettuce

    Haha thank you! Means a lot to hear people enjoy it :)

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