Eternal Return

Eternal Return
Soviet Dolls

ABOUT Soviet Dolls

SOVIET DOLLS are a five-piece from Rochester, NY. With electronics, guitars, vocals, and high contrast visual elements, the band flashes between the past and future— using modern sound and classic s...

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  • quizkid


    What do you think of this song?

  • quizkid


    Get Foolish back into the mix - this band rocks - give them some attention!

  • sluvshison


    They are good. Got a good sound. I really think providing they do have more songs that they should get pressed to vinyl.

  • ces1um


    Like this band. They're going to need more songs to get their own album though.    Hope they have some in the works!!

    Soviet Dolls

    Thx so much! We're still recording, but we did just upload a new track ("Dreams"). We've got a ton of stuff in progress and we're trying to focus our energies on completing stuff.

  • oldsoul12


    Not bad! I listened to Eternal return and it was great you got a nice mellow tone to it but also has the nice rock feel too it. What genre do you categorize yourself in because I cant quite figure it out?

    Soviet Dolls

    Hmm...we struggle with that! "Eternal Return" definitely has a post-punk / new-wave /new-romantic thing happening, maybe with some C86-style jangle....but we also do some other stuff creeping in, too. If you wanna hear something similar to "Eternal Return," lemme suggest "Regret" and "True Faith" by New Order and "Heaven" and "Heartbreak Beat" by Psychedelic Furs.


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