01 Uncle Vern Might Wear Woolbuy
02 Van Leaving Bluebuy
03 My Baby Wants Another Ridebuy
04 Hot Tamalesbuy
05 Double Yellow Bluesbuy
06 Greenbelt Bluesbuy
07 You Ain't No City Dogbuy
Hesitation Bluesbuy
09 Lament of a Would be Dictatorbuy
10 El Paso Songbuy
11 Patchwork Soulbuy
12 For Lack of Wordsbuy
13 Vagabond Dreams buy
Lina's Bluesbuy
Louisiana Fairytalebuy
Vagabond Dreams buy album
7th Ward Blues buy album
Wayside buy album
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St. Cinder’s wall

  • Fire Mist

    love your vibe and sound. my hope is that you record onto 2 inch tape with a stereo ribbon mic in an epic room with wood floors.