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  • quizkid

    6 / 7th time through - ditto from below !! Entire album is excellent stuff !!!!!

  • Kolsch

    I just don't know what to think and feel when listening to these songs. Was that the intention? It seems to me there is a constant conflict within the songs themselves, a confusion, that is asking "who am I?". I like music that can convey emotions and a story without lyrics and I feel strongly that this music accomplishes that...  but I don't know what the story is. There is a mystery here which will require a lot more listening to solve. I found this particularly true with "Dream Dust" and least true with "Scream If You Love Me".  I think that the only way I'm going to be able to fully understand what I'm hearing with these songs is if I listen to them in the middle of the night, laying half in and half out of a tent and staring straight up into the sky...

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    the basement alien

    the basement alien

    "Scream If You Love Me": This song is about suicide. A cult initiated mass suicide that takes place in a forest. "Dream Dust": This song has a really surreal story behind it but I guess thats upto the listener to try putting the pieces together and coming up with a conclusion upon repeated listens. Yes these tunes are meant for nightly listens only. Thanks for checking out my music.