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The Brothers Comatose

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Literal brothers, Alex (banjo and vocals) and Ben Morrison (guitar and vocals) of The Brothers Comatose grew up in a house that was known for its music parties. “The Morrison house was a gathering p...


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  • mrblues


    I definitely dig their sound. True Musicianship. Press them!

  • Drew_Douglas


    Gorgeous harmonies! These cats feel like they have got the handle on the traditional craft for sure. It is encouraging to hear musicians that you know have done the work to understand their tool and are able to juxtapose a tradition with their contemporary understanding.  Not an easy thing to do with this stylistically and to make it feel natural, well that's the art.

  • 33


    It's always interesting to hear bands who grew up around music. Alex and Ben Morrison's mother was in a folk quartet and they often had community members over at their house to jam. There is definitely part of music that is "nurture-based". I wonder if Alex and Ben would have wound up as professional musicians in this genre without their family's influence. Either way, their music a beautiful homage to broad-stroke Americana.


    I appreciate your insight here. Knowing that they come from that root explains a lot of what I picked up on listening to them. "There is definitely part of the music that is nurture-based", that is a beautiful observation and eloquently stated.  I think these guys are worth a pressing.


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