Modern Day Sinners

Modern Day Sinners
The Brothers Comatose

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Literal brothers, Alex (banjo and vocals) and Ben Morrison (guitar and vocals) of The Brothers Comatose grew up in a house that was known for its music parties. “The Morrison house was a gathering p...


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    "Your cup is running over, but you cry about the spills/ Shout for more and more when you've already had your fill" This song sounds like it's addressed to a person, but I definitely interpret it as being addressed to the general behavior of our country. This insatiable 'more more more' mentality has left us with a bunch of excuses and a cold place to call home. ..."It's made now/ Sleep in your bed"

  • kywriter0919


    Really enjoyed this artist. And I encourage them to tour through Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky sometime. We have a rich alt-country / Americana / bluegrass scene. Plenty of bands and venues they'd fit well with. Not to mention a little place called Rabbit Hash . . .

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The Brothers Comatose

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