In Regards to the Rape and Murder of a Countries People on Valentine's Day

In Regards to the Rape and Murder of a Countries People on Valentine's Day
The Thief's Lineage

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Born 1982 General Manager Beni Personal Information An old pump organ, some clarinets, a trumpet and trombone, broken instruments mostly, paint spackles, change in a bo...


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  • GoodCitizen


    glad you got those negative humans out of your lives

  • The Thief's Lineage


    The song is about some serious elder abuse, physical and financial. The abusers were heroin junkies and we made the mistake of moving in with them and their very wonderful Grandma who's serenade us on the piano with Gershwin tunes and Chopin. T
    heir heroin dealer called the cops on them and reported the abuse. We got in touch with family members of Gram, and tried as best as we could to help put a stop to it.
    We told them off and moved out on Valentine's day. I can't really say that I hate hardly anyone, but these two were some of the worst people that I've ever had the displeasure of encountering. I definitely mean it when I say "Imagine yr ugly face like only you can, and now imagine that I don't hate you".


    wow what an intense story. sorry to hear that happened:( i do love the song and you have a wonderful voice. thank you for the story

  • bettyboop


    imagine your ugly face??

  • Kimber


    there is something sad within his voice

  • GoodCitizen


    is that a uke I hear?

    The Thief's Lineage

    It's a mandolin, then accordion, glockenspiel and whistles at the end.


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