Road Rash Blues
Crunch Berries
An Anxious Summer
Lake Jam 2
Little Animal
The Truffle Shuffle
Gadnuk (Breaker of Worlds)
Fruit Fly
Déjà Vu
Run Out
Late July
Adult Contemporary
Salinity Now!
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  • mastahtobus

    Fantastic Album!!!

  • stormbringer

    speechless. This stuff needs to be out right here right now. It just commands
    you to stop and listen and you better because there are 23 gems listed waiting
    to be loved. I don’t know how many LPs they will fill but I want em all. Great
    talent and beautiful execution! The cover is gorgeous too.

    Unaka Prong

    Unaka Prong

    Thanks so much for the kind words stormbringer! Glad you're enjoying what we're putting out and hope to see you at a show soon!

  • Elix

    Awesome stuff!