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  • Stereo by boombox

    BoomBox is off the charts amazing. Long, consistent lines of sound... a driving rhythm that sustains the song in its heartiness AND its softness all at once... it sounds so sexy. I love it.

  • Stereo by boombox

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  • The Persuaded by fadedpaperfigures

    This is my favorite featured FPF song so far. There's a nice beach vibe to it that levels out some of the heaviness of their subject matter. They're so skilled in production, it would be cool for them to make more Beach Boys-esque sounds. Beach Boys set the standard back in the day. Did you know their song "Good Vibrations" cost between $50,000-$75,000 ($370,000-$550,000 today) to produce? Imagine what Faded Paper Figures could pull off with that kind of budget!

  • Lady Player by thefloozies

    @digdidds - I LOVE the Granola Jones EP. Which song is your favorite? I dig Wild Card. I get down to that song daily.

  • Lady Player by thefloozies

    Did you guys know that the singer is actually Mark Hill using a Talk Box? These things are crazy if you've never seen them. You stick this tube in your throat, sing, and it comes out sounding like this. Isn't that wild? It's not a sample, it's him actually singing! Mind = Blown

  • San Narciso by fadedpaperfigures

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  • B Run Speed by shrugboat

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  • No Part of This feat. Karl Denson by thefloozies

    upvoted No Part of This feat. Karl Denson by The Floozies Duo

  • New Wild Card by thefloozies

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  • Lady Player by thefloozies

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  • Jambox by thefloozies

    Ooof. When it comes to electro-funk, it doesn't get much better than The Floozies. This particular song is a little harder than most of their stuff, but it still delivers that signature-funk feel. I went to their show in Asheville and it was a DANCE PARTY. It was impossible to stand still - and their production was off the charts. HIGHLY RECOMMEND a Floozies show if you're ready to shake it.

  • Wizard by sunsquabi

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  • Getaway by thefloozies

    upvoted Getaway by The Floozies Duo

  • Jambox by thefloozies

    upvoted Jambox by The Floozies Duo

  • Bad Sign by bradsucks

    Oooh. I like this one! He incorporates some really different (for him) noises in this track. I wouldn't have guessed it was Brad Sucks. It sounds a lot like Marcy Playground. And, since it's Saturday ... I'm just going to leave this here:

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  • Superbad by thefloozies

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  • Lost Stars by fadedpaperfigures

    Really dig this one - especially how cohesive it is with the cover art. The beginning totally feels like outer space and comes back with the same haunting tones throughout the song to give a disconnected (yet completely connected) feeling. It's hard to capture and hold a dichotomy like that through sound and they do a beautiful job. Can't wait to listen to the whole album if it's as thoughtful as this song.

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