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  • See You In A Thousand Years by sleepmaps

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  • Butterflies by runforrest

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  • Leave You Alone by seaoflettuce

    Can confirm Sea of Lettuce is coming on vinyl in March (just a few weeks away!)

  • great point

  • Question Regarding our First Pressings Only Policy:
    Recently we reached out to a few artists to release their vinyl, only to find they've already released vinyl. Feedbands policy is to only release a vinyl if it has never before been on vinyl. How important is this to you?

  • Looks good on our end but if there is a song you think should be ranked differently we can look into it.

  • We agree! thank you for helping make it possible.

  • We haven't in a long time but we are about to in a big way. .... ;) Utterly massive way.

  • Ithaca Pride by trevorthorpe

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  • Hey guys! Happy holidays to all, and much thanks and gratitude to the folks on this board ;) So, we here at Feedbands are currently underway with a fairly massive undertaking. We are attempting to place all 16,000 songs in Feedbands into stations based on genre, like rock, indie, soul, funk, electronica, beats, hip hop, pop punk, psychedelic. However, we are encountering a massive problem: many artists are a bit too generous with their tags. For example, we can't tell you how many Americana or rock songs labeled themselves ambient (which we believe should have no vocals or very minimal atmospheric vocals", or  "garage rock" bands have labeling themselves "psychedelic" (though some of them are definitely psych rock) or how many pop punk / emo bands labeled themselves punk. We see pop punk and emo having a distinctly adolescent vocal quality, while true punk has a much grittier almost jarring vocal aesthetic. Our litmus test for "psychedelic" is basically whether or not the music makes one feel as though they are having a psychedelic experience, which garage rock does not typically accomplish unless there is some trippy synth or something like that happening.

    We understand that genres often times are subjective and yet, for Feedbands to grow, we need to offer stations with cohesive aesthetics. What we are intending to roll out is a tagging system inspired by blockchain technology where members can "confirm" tags that the artists or other users suggest, and the system won't place them into that station unless they have some number of confirmations. Of course users will really only be incentivized to confirm music tags / genres for music that they like, because unconfirmed tags will prevent said music from ever reaching a station. This should help with station quality control, and by offering these stations with excellent music, Feedbands will grow (we hope). In this way, confirming a tag is not only confirming that it is technically accurate, but also that you are essentially voting for the song's inclusion in a station, since the stations will be controlled by tags. I'll post some notes here as to the boundaries we've fleshed out for the stations, and of course it's all open to debate and ultimately the users will mold it into the sum total of everyone's perspective, but the more we can get on the same page about station boundaries the more cohesive the experience will be to new users. Thanks again for everyone's continued efforts and support and 2019 is going to be epic! This will be the first time that Feedbands will be offering quick and easy ways for users to jump into stations with the exact type of music they love, all curated by the collective voting of our members. Exciting stuff!

    One gray area we were dealing with today at the office is what to label the softer more moderate rock. We're using placeholders like "moderate" and "easy listening" to describe Springsteen-esque music. We ruled out "classic rock" since we wanted to reserve that more for bands with more of a Led Zeppelin / Guns n Roses type vibe. But "moderate" and "easy listening" doesn't really do this awesome music justice. We thought maybe "soft rock" or "Springsteen Rock". Thoughts?

    Aside from the Tags, the new Charts will rank by album as we've already mentioned. We are internally debating what time frame to set, and we are leaning towards "all time," since the album with the all time most votes that hasn't gotten pressed to vinyl probably should be. Thoughts? We only introduced albums as a feature about three years back, so initially it would be pulling from three years. Those would no doubt be some solid albums.

  • We tried to press Electric Octopus and to this day they are the only artist that declined. Well, them and Magic City Hippies. Hopefully some more of these guys will get pressed!

  • Camino / Road by thefound

    Actually, fans only display on the profile if the account has uploaded an avatar. There are many secret lurkers without avatars. Fan count cannot always be gauged by the number of avatars displayed on the profile.

  • Forest of Giants by woodrowgerber

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  • Which artist was this?

  • It was fraud. The guy figured out a way to vote without a subscriber account and registered a bunch of spam accounts through a loophole. We figured it out of course.

  • F yeah

  • We're actually overhauling the charts very soon. They'll be ranking albums instead of singles, and adding up all the votes of all the songs in the album, with a hard cutoff for voting and a default time frame instead of three separate timeframe options. Hope this helps!

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    I'd be more than happy to talk to you.

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    6/23/17 Tank/Bangas post - You might pull in their fan base - then again you might alienate me (or others). A bird in the hand is worth more than 2 birds in a bush.

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    Hey, I was just wondering where to find the standing of albums being considered for vinyl? I know there's the chart but I didn't know if that was the next vinyl contenders or not. Thanks! Love you guys/gals!!!