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  • Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! by bradsucks

    upvoted Feel Free! Plastic Surgery! by Brad Sucks

  • Almost Morning by thefloozies

    It's cool hearing electronic elements like this in a song.

  • Dreamt About You/Hungover by lukasoppenheimer

    upvoted Dreamt About You/Hungover by Lukas Oppenheimer

  • One comment on that song makes me so angry. "WTF write songs that has meaning not dance bullshit" Dance music has an audience for a reason. Songs don't have to have any meaning.

  • Update: I did find the other record! It was tucked inside the gatefold of something.

  • I selected the Mammal Dap album as my free trial record. A couple weeks ago, one of my favorite records in my collection just went missing. It never left my shelf on my watch, and it's not anywhere nearby. I have no idea where it is. It's a Polish instrumental jazz record, and Mammal Dap is also instrumental jazz, so I chose it to fill the gaping void in my heart that the last record made.

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