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*(PNDC /Predrag Nedic/ is a Belgrade-Serbia-based musician and recording artist. He has been active on the music scene for over 15 years and a part of various bands and music projects. In the past, his most sucessful project was «erogenius», an elecro-ambient band /CD»Send and Receive»-Ammonite records 2002/, and with them he made several compositions for documentaries and fashion events. He plays the guitar, bass and keyboards but in the last few years he’s spent most of his time at his computer. Since 2006 he’s used the name PNDC and worked on various solo projects, published internationally under several labels. In mid 2007 he met (over the internet) a guy from Greece /Athens/ Athanassious Vavaroutas (a.k.a. Housework, ex-This Fluid)), a talented singer/songwriter and then they’ve been working together as a team, by sharing their music files through the internet.)

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    I Thought Electronica...I Have Rarely Been As Happy To Be Enlightened As This.



    Thanx a lot. I really appreciate your comments.