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Born 1970

Lives in Washington

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Grew up in the 70's and 80's, went to college in Seattle during the grunge years. I have been into music since a very early age listening to just about everything. In the 80's I was never a rocker or a waver I just listened to everything from Judas Priest to 'Til Tuesday. College days grunge was huge and I started seeing local shows in Seattle in 1988 or so. Alice in Chains was by far my favorite band followed by Soundgarden. I was never a huge Nirvana fan. Love my Pearl Jam but would take a Screaming trees or Layne Stanley tune over anything. Still listen to just about anything that sounds good. More recent favorites are Citizen Cope, JJ Grey and Mofro. I do love some old country such as Willie, Waylon, and Johnny. I am always looking for something new and open to any type of music.

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