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Born 1970

Lives in Central Texas

Build liquid cooled gaming PCs, for profit, but mostly as a hobby. I Collect Vinyl obviously. Also have been getting into High Resolution music. I collect Advertising items including soda, cigarette, gas and oil , and have over 100 vintage neon beer signs. I also have a huge collection of motion beer signs. My personal favorite two items are a Pure Gas pump that has been restored as well as a Williams 1988 Fire pinball machine that's been restored. I don't work anymore as I came into some money that has allowed me to retire early.

about Centexbears

We live north of Austin, Texas. The music capital of the World. We see a few shows a year and love vinyl. Favorite artist of all time is Bob Mould. Have been back stage at a few of his shows and have many items he has autographed for me. Met him in D.C. at the 9:30 club many years ago when I was like 15 with a fake ID. He was part of Husker Du then and was extremely friendly, but the other two guys where jerks. This was near their breakup. All time favorite bands are everything from The Grateful Dead to ZZ Top. Love 80's, Grung, Ska, Bluegrass and just love music that's real. I love collecting Japanese Vinyl, but it must have its OBI intact or I will pass on it. Even if I have been looking for the title for years. Have close to 600 Japanese vinyl imports with their OBI's and inner inserts intact. Have about 2000 total vinyl Lps. I also own several Japanese mini Lp cd Promo Boxsets. Have a friend in Tokyo that started sending these to me in 2003 after he moved there for a tech job. Currently have close to 80 different artist as well as a few hundred mlps that didn't come in a promo box set.

Have a large collection of old vintage advertising all in mint to near mint condition. I also have over 100 vintage neon beer signs and a large number of beer motion signs, some that are impossible to find now. Have a PURE gas pump that has been restored with all authentic signs right up to the glass globe on top. A couple of pinball machines and 150 or so beer tap handles, the figural types, not just the plain ones that most bars get.

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