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  • jealous. No sign of mine yet, but I asked for them to hold onto it until they ship faded paper figures too

  • yeah- email said it's not part of the subscription

  • I got one too

  • I don't know why but for some reason I thought Kirby was a woman. Glad to hear they're starting to head out.

  • Anybody know if they've mailed out July's or August's records yet?

  • vliets, dead indian, mammoth indigo...

  • 04 Whiskey Chaser (Intro) by marbin

    upvoted 04 Whiskey Chaser (Intro) by Marbin

  • 04 Whiskey Chaser (Intro) by marbin

    I'm getting a strong Clint eastwood spaghetti western vibe mixed with some noire artsy film where someone walks away from a loved one forever in the rain.

  • HELL JAM 001 by hellsurgecity

    It might taste like eternal damnation but it spreads nicely between two slices of bread.

  • Wir Bauen Fur Sie by apperaat

    rock attained music perfection in the 80's :)

  • @oldsoul12 did you get "Faded Paper Figures" as well as sunsquabi? Faded paper figures is August's release so you probably just got july's and august's in one package!   I've got three coming myself.   Fine animal is my third.    I'm trying to catch up with the back catalog before they're all sold out.   There's some great music to be had there.

  • got the same email. Looks like the pressing plant kind of shafted them.    It's coming though.   Patience.   Just get them to ship faded paper figure and sunsquabi together and rejoice in the savings in shipping fees!

  • @dayspeacemusic I really don't think IFB would be a separate pre-order. From what I heard tank got it's own preorder because they were particularly hot that month and came with their own fan base- enough to make it worth while for feed bands to do this.   Not sure if IFB meets this requirement.   That being said, IFB did elude to a possible pressing happening for him on his wall.   IF so, I'm picking it up on vinyl for sure.  The original album cover is a little....gross... if you look close enough though.   The one with the queen and the dollar bill and the bodily fluids...

  • Vliets, Mammoth Indigo, Hunter as a Horse. That being said, I downloaded Irascible Fuck Brigade and I've got that going in the car and on my iPod at the gym a lot.   I know it's not a release but I went out of my way to buy his album because it stood out so much for me.

  • ah, you never know what the other person was picking up in that song that made them think of another band. It could be that they legitimately sound the same or maybe there's a chord progression they've heard by another band that they're generalizing.   Maybe it's how the guitarist squelches his fingers along the string after a chord that reminds them of another band when in reality that's the only thing they have in common.   It's all pretty subjective.    It may even be the mood you were in when you listened to the song in the first place.  

  • yeah, as a monthly subscriber we don't have to pre order anything. It will eventually be our record of the month and we're given priority.   Those pre-orders are for people who want to buy a single record and aren't part of the whole monthly subscription thing.  Now Tank was outside of the norm.   Didn't know about the Floozies until just now.   My worry (and maybe it's totally misguided) is that these extra pressings are taking up record fabrication time at the plant and might delay our monthly subscription records.   I know that didn't happen with July's record- that was a flaw with the pressing.  But still, there are only so many places making records these days and they can only make so may a month.  

  • Invictus by kisnou

    upvoted Invictus by Kisnou

  • If you're in the mood for mellow check out Adam Scott Glasspool. Lyrics are deep.  Has a hint of Pink Floyd in there from time to time too.

  • The Ghosts by adamscottglasspool

    upvoted The Ghosts by Adam Scott Glasspool

  • Now There's No Fear by adamscottglasspool

    upvoted Now There's No Fear by Adam Scott Glasspool

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  • quizkid


    I highly doubt it...99.5% pure unadulterated coincidence. But I feel good!  Now I just have to deal with 3  BS lps.  I think I might have a FB contest with 1 of the lps as the prize.



    No, I'm just a working stiff. I love music and like to share it.  I don't need extra copies of anything.  My 1st album I bought in 1971 is still in vg condition.  I'm lucky enough to have a good paying job that affords me to feed my habit (and a wife that tolerates it).  I also know that others are not as fortunate.  Therefore, if I can make someone happy by giving them a slab of vinyl that they may not be able to afford and want to have, it makes me happy.  I need all the good karma I can get!  Also, I plan on doing it here on FB (Feedbands).  Not sure how, but I don't worry about details until I have to.

  • quizkid


    Great! Where did you by the  the  IFB album or did you just download all his stuff on Soundcloud?



    downloaded the album. Cost $3 for 5 songs.  Def worth it.   When it's eventually pressed though I want the vinyl.

  • quizkid


    You are correct, Brad Sucks has done nothing to "promote" themselves - nor have I done anything to check them out other than listen to FB. I find the lack of  fan base by bands pressed very "curious".

  • quizkid


    Applying enough pressure results in something breaking - a FB explanation or an LP for Brad Sucks. As a subscriber from July 2013 I'd like to see some (not a lot, just more) transparency from FB. Just my rant to start off July.  I like to stir the pot and see what surfaces.



    I like the way you think. Shit disturbers are my kind of people.   :)       I'm impressed you went through and counted all those followers.   You're like an investigative journalist.     I'm not loving some of feedbands selections for vinyl either.  Sunsquabi ain't my style and why the hell would anybody buy a record of meditation music?    I'd like to see a bit more bands selected based on merit.    But who knows about brad sucks?  The guy hasn't even taken the time to link a PayPal account to the site so nobody can buy his stuff.   Either he's lazy or not really interested in selling on feedbands.

  • quizkid


    Check out the IFB new submission!!!



    Hey- thanks! I'm really loving his songs.   Wonder what's the best way to get others to notice his album?

  • Irascible Fuck Brigade

    Irascible Fuck Brigade

    Appreciate all the upvotes and the follow, thank you!

  • Amycanbe


    Thank you very much!

  • The Thrash Blues

    The Thrash Blues

    Cheers for the vote!!

  • Sea At Last

    Sea At Last