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  • feedbands: makes perfect sense. Pretty clever idea really. You mentioned "Tank" is going to be a preorder.   I can't find any mention of them on the blog page where you usually keep information about pre-orders.   That being said, my mac renders that page very oddly so maybe I can't see the entire page.

  • Lies by fellowcaveman

    upvoted Lies by Fellow Caveman

  • Tesla's Coyotes by theelectricwest

    upvoted Tesla's Coyotes by The Electric West

  • Ghostlover by sovietdolls2

    This is great. Vinyl Worthy! I think the last couple of seconds got chopped off the recording though- ends very suddenly.   Upload glitch?

  • Ghostlover by sovietdolls2

    upvoted Ghostlover by Soviet Dolls

  • State of Mind by medusasdisco

    upvoted State of Mind by Medusa's Disco

  • click on the feed bands logo on the top left, it should take you to the daily dose. Bottom left of the box that says what the song is has a "download" button.   You have to be logged in of course too.

  • I definitely like to hand pick what I get. That being said, I'm often getting 2-3 records/month catching up from the back catalog and trying to get myself out of my normal comfort zone.   Eventually I'll exhaust what I want from the back catalog and slip into just getting whatever is shipped each month.   Speaking of trying something new, anybody listen to the irascible fuck brigade yet in the new submissions?

  • @TDell That's a good question and I'd like to know too but I'm thinking if you're a subscriber you will have the option of selecting it as your album of the month come July. Feedbands seems to treat their subscribers very well. Maybe email their support for clarification but I'm betting it'll show as the album of the month on your account page and just select it early on in the month to get a copy of it.

  • 777 by generationofdeprivation

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  • to get to the blog- scroll way down to the bottom of the page. it's in the "feed bands" column at the bottom. I think you can access it from pretty much any page you're on at this site.

  • HORRORSCAPE PART ONE by apocolypes666

    your band name, is it intentionally misspelled? apocalypse?  apocolypes?  Just wondering.

  • HORUS'S LIGHT by nakav

    downvoted HORUS'S LIGHT by NAKAV

  • 04 African Shabtay by marbin

    downvoted 04 African Shabtay by Marbin

  • Thanks so much! I didn't see that before. Still learning things about this site daily.

  • Anyone check out irascible fuck brigade yet? It's pretty out there but I keep heading back to listen to his tracks.

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