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  • quizkid, Dobro Dan is being pressed by feedbands in November according to an email I got from him. That was the reason for the Qrates cancellation.

  • They are all sold out.

  • I believe the other 45 RPM was Bella Donna.

  • It would be a good candidate for 45 RPM.

  • Bastards Brew by hellbirds

    upvoted Bastards Brew by Hellbirds

  • From the Feedbands "How it works" section: "There are many gray areas that come up with our vinyl pressings. For example, if an artist has one hit track at the top of the charts, but none of their other tracks on their album got any votes, we would might deem it more appropriate to release that one hit track on a compilation since our members only expressed interest in the one song and not the album as a whole. For an entire album to be released by an artist, they need many votes across tracks on the album. There is no hard limit here, but generally we look for at least 25 to 30 votes on four tracks from the album.

    Sometimes, an album may gain the votes it needs for a release, but the release would coincide with a new album the artist is releasing, and the artist may opt to wait for the new album to release to see how that does, since it might not make sense to promote an old album while releasing a new one.

    Sometimes, the artist just might not want to accept the vinyl offer. They are under no obligation to.

    Sometimes, a band may have broken up by the time they would have had a vinyl release and we may choose not to release an artist that is now defunct.

    These are just some of the gray area situations we deal with. That said, all the artists who have made it to the tops of our charts have been released on vinyl." Something like this could explain Electric Octopus.

  • The USPS has lost it's mind. My monthly shipment left Feedbands on Feb 23. Went from Greensboro, North Carolina, arriving in Springfield, MA, (I live in MA), on March 2 then to Newburgh, NY on the 3rd, then Kingston, NY also on the 3rd, then Jersey City, NJ on the 4th, then, this afternoon it arrived in.........wait for it.....GREENSBORO, NC! Arrived at 1:47 pm and departed at 2:10pm. God knows where it will wind up next!

  • Own Up by dolbrodan

    upvoted Own Up by Dolbro Dan

  • What we Came For by batcityrhythm

    More please!

  • What we Came For by batcityrhythm

    upvoted What we Came For by Bat City Rhythm

  • what we came for by batcityrhythm

    upvoted what we came for by Bat City Rhythm

  • Cement Shoes by dolbrodan

    upvoted Cement Shoes by Dolbro Dan

  • Don't recall the first LP, but the first record I bought was a single of Blue Suede Shoes by Johnny Rivers in 1973. I was 7 or 8.

  • Paradise by thunderfox

    upvoted Paradise by Thunder Fox

  • (Darla Nye) Never Love Someone by thelawsuits

    upvoted (Darla Nye) Never Love Someone by The Lawsuits

  • Sweet Marcelle by thelawsuits

    upvoted Sweet Marcelle by The Lawsuits

  • Love Is Weight by thelawsuits

    upvoted Love Is Weight by The Lawsuits

  • Ratatat by thegetbye

    upvoted Ratatat by The Getbye

  • Medicine Man by thegetbye

    upvoted Medicine Man by The Getbye

  • The Funeral Song by thegetbye

    upvoted The Funeral Song by The Getbye

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    Really appreciate the listen and vote

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    I know how it's supposed to work. Applying enough pressure results in something breaking - a FB explanation or an LP for Brad Sucks. As a subscriber from July 2013 I'd like to see some (not a lot, just more) transparency from FB.  Just my rant to start off July.  I like to stir the pot and see what surfaces.

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    Hey, thanks for the upvote!

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    Thank you for the upvote!

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    We need information! The new #2.