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Clarence Kelly


Lives in Orlando FL

about Clarence Kelly

Clarence Kelly is an independent musician from Orlando Florida, currently residing in Nashville Tennessee. He began his career under the moniker Wooden Woman, creating experimental folk music. Since then he has moved to create music that blends his love of analog and electronic production. In the words of one fan "Clarence Kelly's music represents at once both variety and familiarity, something that is right on the tip of your tongue but seems quite different at the same time."

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  • quizkid


    Welcome back to FeedBands - 1st time I've come across your music - that I remember and I don't remember well anymore - will give you more listens @ louder volumes than I can have @ work + interruptions.

  • deepblue


    hey have you made any new music lately?

    Clarence Kelly

    Clarence Kelly

    I released two songs last summer, that is the most recent. I am currently working on some new Wooden Woman music and even some other projects but I don't have a solid release date. if you want you can find all of it here Thank you for asking, I appreciate it.