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Life is so much more fun at 33rpm don't you think?

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  • Anyone know if January has been processed yet?

  • The desert dwellers finally came to dwell today and signed too...massively impressed by the quality of the pressing. The record has some beautifully subtle tones that almost drift in subconsciously...worth the wait

  • South Cat by samgoldman

    How utterly smooth...time to open a bottle

  • South Cat by samgoldman

    upvoted South Cat by Sam Goldman

  • Paradise by thunderfox

    Just got my funk on first thing on this frosty funky morning. Tasty

  • Paradise by thunderfox

    upvoted Paradise by Thunder Fox

  • Supervillian...Fellow Caveman.....Civil Holdup....Joe roughly that order....just gimme good tunes....nice folk and something to spin them on

  • I wouldn't have three of those artists in that top five yearly spot...I would happily sub Supervillian in anyday

  • A bloody fine series of points put in a flipping eloquent way...I tip the hat to you fine sir

  • I haven't seen a pic of anything to know only a cover and I'm going to say as a pure guess..clear vinyl with a black splatter....anyone else care to take a punt?

  • Your level of impressedness makes me excited that I will reach a similar level of impressedness when the dwellers come to dwell with me. I gave The Hips a miss..first band I've passed on but I'm very much looking forward to Izzard having seen it for so long in the charts

  • About The Light by kattalax

    Right now I have my FB resolution..I'll try that for here on in..Thanks quizzy

  • About The Light by kattalax

    So what way do you listen if not by recent list?

  • About The Light by kattalax

    So the first song on FB is the song that is last on the album??

  • About The Light by kattalax

    Like the kind of crunchy mellow blend..

  • About The Light by kattalax

    upvoted About The Light by Kattalax

  • To a distant star by catsfromalpha

    downvoted To a distant star by Cats from Alpha

  • Yeah have shipment record yet

  • That seems to be the question of the day...who actually chooses what gets pressed?

  • No word yet but looking at the charts if you go by the charts these days Electric Octopus must be there or there abouts..giant in the lighthouse are in with a shout too.

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