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Born -0001

Lives in Toronto

Art, Music, Performances, Engineering, Design

about Devecseri

With his first official release, Lux EP, planting a first step into the music industry, solo act Devecseri (Adam Dev), originally based out of Ottawa and recently relocated to Toronto, is currently writing for his next musical adventure and is almost ready to reveal the much heavier sequel to this otherworldly story. Lux was a completely independent, self-released effort, from writing to mixing to mastering to distribution. A bright, relaxed, eclectic journey through several genres and styles ranging from electronic, 70s, 80s retro, vaporwave, jazz, classical, ambient and eastern influences. The sequel to this EP includes a similar range of genres, but is centred around an opposing theme… Heavy, scary, and dark. “No I’m not really a DJ, I’m more of a… tech musician.”

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