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I'm in the piano slam rock band Pocket Vinyl. For tour dates, painting pics, more videos, etc., head to

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  • Kisnou - Escape (ft. Halliday) by kisnou

    upvoted Kisnou - Escape (ft. Halliday) by Kisnou

  • Vesper by kisnou

    upvoted Vesper by Kisnou

  • Stand Point Theory by pocketvinyl

    This song has single handedly made us more money than any other. It's been featured in a couple of movie trailers, which have been our only licensing deals as a band.  It remains in our top ten on Spotify.  It is certainly our most cinematic song in terms of sound.  The lyrics in the chorus are more or less taken from Samwise in the Two Towers.  It is one that the riff originates back to 2003/2004.  It's probably the oldest PV song by that standard.

  • An Hour Ago by pocketvinyl

    One thing about this song that I didn't mention before was that the piano riff was me trying to rip off Sufjan Stevens. Purely in the rhythm style that is.  It sounds fairly simple, but is one of those rhythms that is fairly hard to do consistently and steadily for 3+ minutes.  I think we probably did more piano takes in the studio for this song than any other on Death Anxiety, and even after that I think we used some editing tricks to piece several takes together.  Such is recording these days.

  • Sick Sick Sick by pocketvinyl

    Yeah, I've been involved with theater stuff throughout my life, but I'm not "classically" trained or anything. Honestly, I've never really thought about the vocal performance outside of what the song seems to require.  I think the Pixies taught me the value of doing the "loud, quiet, loud, quiet, loud, etc." thing, which certainly is utilized in this one.  But overall, like I said, I've never really thought about it in as much detail as you just described!  I'd say your correct with everything, but I just like to sing however feels right to sing.  Does that make sense?

  • Blessed Wisdom by pocketvinyl

    So our live show is two of us: myself slamming a piano and a live painter named Elizabeth, who creates a work of art that is auctioned off afterwards. For 8 years we've been touring around just the two of us in the live show.  We got married a year after our first tour, and have been happy together since then.  However, this song is one of our few "break up" songs in a way.  It's from an old relationship I had, and I tried to focus on the feeling of when both parties feel the relationship is at a breaking point, and either one could end it but are not sure if they should.  It's that point where there's a fork in the road, and both options look equally desirable.  It's not a place I have ever desired to be at, but when I was there, it felt interesting enough to form a song out of it.

  • Recurring Dream by sleepmaps

    upvoted Recurring Dream by Sleep Maps

  • Approaching Wave by sleepmaps

    upvoted Approaching Wave by Sleep Maps

  • That Old Familiar Tune by pocketvinyl

    It's weird for me to hear the studio version now, because our live sets have turned this 4/4 song into a 3/4 waltz. This feels like an "older" version of the song, even though it's the one that most people have heard.  One of the only other guitar driven songs in our catalog.  In terms of the lyrics, you know, this song is old enough to where I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking with some of these lines.  Not that they're bad at all, but I forget what I was going for.  Whatever I meant when I wrote it, for me now it is a song about trying to reconnect with someone during an uneasy time in a relationship, yearning to get back to how it was.  And I quite like the bass part on this track.  Listen for that.

  • Dumb Luck by daveyhalfbeard

    upvoted Dumb Luck by Davey Halfbeard

  • Statistic by pocketvinyl

    One of our very few guitar driven songs. I don't often reach for guitar and can't play all that well beyond basic chords, but this one seemed to stick.  It's about the time I lived near Salem, Massachusetts and learned to be alone and live in solitude.  I had few friends for the first 6 months that I lived there.  I've always been a pretty outgoing guy, but given the situation, I tried to purposefully not meet people and see what that life would be like.  I don't think I could do it long term, but it was a pretty enlightening and enjoyable experience.  It almost felt like taking a break from myself and my natural tendencies, which gave me a different perspective on life and (I think) made me a better human overall.

  • Solar Plexus by themotet

    upvoted Solar Plexus by The Motet

  • Beaten by pocketvinyl

    This was the first song we ever did where we had access to a string quartet. Once they kick in (same time as the lyrics), it's a fairly simple chord progression, but still, I remember being nervous.  There is some kind of prejudice in my mind where anyone who plays violin, cello, trumpet, or any kind of "orchestra instrument" is somehow more of a musician or something than anyone in a rock band.  I was afraid of them all look down at us and our little music.  This of course was completely stupid, and we all had a great time.  Great lesson to be learned there.

  • Key to Success by pocketvinyl

    Today we leave for a month long tour! We'll be traveling all over the USA, and I encourage any Americans reading this to come out to a show and say hi.  A big part of our act is a live painter, who creates a work of art on stage that is then auctioned off afterwards.  All our tour dates are up on Spotify, our FB page, or to see you out on the road!

  • The Flight by pocketvinyl


  • The Flight by pocketvinyl

    This originally was the 2nd part in a 3 song story where a person gets beat up in an alley.  This was originally called "The Fight".  However, when we were uploaded the songs into CDbaby back when we released this album, my bass player at the time was doing it and accidentally wrote "The Flight".  By the time we released the mistake, it was too late.  So now it is called the Flight for very little reason.  It's a very fun song to play on piano, though, so there's there.

  • Savior Dream by pocketvinyl

    Thanks James! This one always sticks out to me from this album, mostly because it's fun to play from my perspective.

  • Savior Dream by pocketvinyl

    There have been two times in my life where I woke up crying. Not that I woke up and then STARTED crying, but I woke up and realized that I had been crying in my sleep.  I barely remember what the dreams were, but the lyrics of this song were written while reflecting on one of those times.  The music itself was mostly the ending of a much longer song I had written, but my friend/drummer at the time said "that ending bit should just be a song in itself."  We tried it out and realized he was more than correct.

  • 4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Better by pocketvinyl

    This is an example of a song where I had the music for years, but didn't know what to write about. Then for a class, I read "Animal Farm" and decided I could write a song about that for no other reason than I felt like I needed to finish this song.  It ended up better than I was expecting, and works as a great album opener for our first record.  Not very deep of a song, but the rhythm is fun to play, and I love the beat at the end.

  • Protagonist by pocketvinyl

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  • Dolbro Dan

    Dolbro Dan

    I had a nosey on your site, just ordered Drive.Play.Sleep - seemed applicable ;) Keep on truckin' you guys are hardworking!

    Pocket Vinyl

    Pocket Vinyl

    Nice! Hope you love the film.  It was a great little pet project of ours that has started to find it's own audience in the last few weeks, thankfully.  Let me know what you think after you give it a watch.

  • Pocket Vinyl

    Pocket Vinyl

    We set up out Dash account, so if anyone wants to get anything with digital currency, by all means, purchase away.

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